From psilocybin to ayahuasca, Behold Retreats hosts elite psychedelic retreats for high-spending clients around the world. Marisa Cannon reports

For the last few years, Behold Retreats has been quietly leading the way in psychedelic wellness by hosting “life changing” retreats across Portugal, Costa Rica and Mexico – and a new retreat will be emerging in Peru in the next few months.

Rooted in nature-based psychedelic medicine, the retreats are set up to host small groups (guests must apply to attend and are vetted before admission) for six to seven days and are led by expert guides and healers, with each experience designed to “create consciousness-elevating experiences that have the power to positively transform people’s lives”.

Meditation sessions at Beyond Retreats' Khungi retreat in MexicoEach of the retreats administers one of three available plant medicines – ayahuasca, psilocybin and 5-MeO-DMT (more commonly known as “bufo” – the venom from bufo alvarius toads) – facilitated across three ceremonies on consecutive evenings.

These substances are said to bring on “mind-elevating and heart-opening experiences” that can lead to “a transformation in thinking”, helping people to lead life more purposefully and with greater clarity.

Yoga at Beyond Retreats' PortugalIn the last few years, plant medicine has received greater attention for its effectiveness in treating anxiety, depression, addictive disorders and PTSD, as well as its uses in improving cognitive function, mood, behaviour, and the feeling of social connectedness.

Alongside the ceremonies, each retreat includes daily movement sessions, meditation, poolside yoga, massage and spa treatments, plus all meals, pre-retreat dietary advice and airport shuttles. Tailored private and personal retreats are also on offer for individuals or small groups.

Beyond Retreats' rustic bedrooms in PortugalBelow is a selection of the company’s upcoming retreats, with a six-night stay starting from US$5,250 on an all inclusive basis:

Beyond Retreats' Costa Rica accommodation with poolAnthropological study has established that psychedelic plant medicine have been used for religious, magical, shamanic, or spiritual purposes in many parts of the world, predominantly across South America and Africa.

Behold Retreats says it “respects the sacredness of these medicines for a modern day context that includes a new wave of self-improvement such as biohacking and body optimisation as people seek healthier and happier lives”.

Recently NFL star Aaron Rodgers credited psychedelics for improving his performance on the football field.

Danny Yepez and Sarah Thomas, owners of Behold Retreats, say: “We create the space for people to experience plant medicine in the safest and most beautiful environment with a highly experienced team to guide them through the whole process.

“With science supporting the work that we do and proving the effectiveness of plant medicine not only for healing but for biohacking and general optimisation of health, we are proud to be a leading retreat facilitator working in this space and demystifying the life-changing experiences that plant medicines contain.”