The Future of Meetings and Events


This Accor report, produced in association with Globetrender, reveals five trends shaping the future of meetings and events


Published in October 2023, Meeting Expectations: The Future of Meetings and Events is an Accor report produced in association with Globetrender.


  • Deep dives into five trends shaping the future of meetings and events including: Softer Productivity, Selling Belonging, Designing Experiences, Green Gatherings and Disruptive Technology.
  • Introduction on the evolution of meetings and events
  • Forecast on emerging international markets shaping the future of meetings and events
  • 12 flasghip Accor hotels for meetings and events globally
  • Five key takeaways

Sophie Hulgard, chief sales officer, Accor, says:

“The pandemic was a defining moment for our industry. We were thrust into a world of virtual gatherings, with in-person events grinding to a halt. Yet, we adapted and evolved. Technology became our ally as we created immersive virtual experiences that transcended the limitations of physical space.

“Hybrid events emerged as the bridge between the digital and the tangible, showcasing the industry’s ability to pivot swiftly in response to changing circumstances. As we look ahead, the virtual, hybrid, and in-person realms of events will continue to intertwine, offering endless possibilities for engagement and connection.

“Sustainability has become a guiding principle for our industry. A growing awareness of our environmental impact has spurred innovation in event planning and execution. From eco-friendly venues to zero-waste catering, our commitment to minimizing our carbon footprint is reshaping the way we host. This report delves into the eco-conscious trends driving sustainability forward, urging us all to consider the lasting legacy of our gatherings.

“Balance has become the central element in both business and travel decisions, as it now serves as the defining catalyst for our work-life choices. Today’s world must increasingly seek a balance between time, productivity, wellbeing, cost, carbon and commerce. Designing how we convene within these parameters is a thrilling challenge for creative experience designers and hosts.

“In closing, the future of the meetings and events industry is a story of resilience, innovation, and transformation. The trends explored in this report are not merely forecasts; they are blueprints for success. As we navigate this ever-changing terrain, let us do so with the spirit of collaboration, connection, and a relentless commitment to excellence. Together, we will shape a future where every meeting and event is a catalyst for progress, a source of inspiration and a place for belonging.”

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