Killing Kittens is bringing its posh, pleasure-seeking brand of revelry to the high seas on a luxury cruise. Olivia Palamountain reports

Killing Kittens, the renowned organiser of exclusive sex parties in grand country houses and swanky London clubs, is taking to the water with a luxury cruise offering a blend of hedonistic nights and relaxing days on the Mediterranean Sea.

In June this year, the KK Cruise will depart from Barcelona carrying 640 carefully vetted “kittens” (as KK members are known) and their partners or guests for a week-long voyage of pleasure, with ports of call in Monaco, Portofino, Florence and Palma de Mallorca.

Killing Kittens parties have gained a devoted following among sexually liberal middle-class circles since their inception nearly two decades ago, leading with a female-first approach.

However, the decision to launch a cruise comes as attendance at KK events has skyrocketed by more than 400 per cent since the pandemic, with evenings now regularly drawing up to 900 people (The Times).

These findings are no surprise. As reported by Globetrender’s VOLT, the global sexual wellness market is expected to reach a value of US$55 billion by 2028.

Adults-only Virgin Voyages (pictured below) may not be specifically for X-rated experiences but it does have its own onboard sex therapist how hosts a show called “Never Sleep Alone”.
Virgin VoyagesKilling Kittens’ recent successful events in Venice and Paris serve as a testament to the growing demand for sexually exploratory travel experiences among like-minded, adventurous individuals.

As taboo hits the mainstream, travel is tapping in too, with the KK Cruise now joining everything from couples’ “sexcursions” and female intimacy retreats to sexologist concierges and swinging parties at sea.

It promises to combine the signature KK party experience with adult education workshops on topics such as tantric massage, confidence, communication and managing jealousy.

Each day of the cruise will feature a different theme, from masquerade balls to erotic costume parties, plus spaces that serve as private playrooms and couples’ retreats. Prices range from £3,999 for an interior cabin to £10,499 for a suite.

While not everyone on the cruise will be there for the exact same experience, the KK cruise website explains that red wristbands can be worn to indicate ‘openness’.

“Red wristbands or similar indicators are often used to communicate one’s openness to conversation, ensuring that boundaries are always honoured,” it states. “This environment fosters a sense of community and safety, allowing guests to explore their desires without fear of judgment.”

Cruising may have a reputation as the domain of the older generation, but Killing Kittens’ founder, Emma Sayle tells The Times she believes that the unique blend of parties, adult education and the KK community will attract many first-timers who would never have considered a cruise before.