Haunt is an anti-popular, anti-photography travel platform specialising in ‘off-the-beaten-path’ guides and personalised travel planning. Jenny Southan reports

Haunt describes itself as a “groundbreaking travel and lifestyle company poised to revolutionise the way we explore the world”. It sells guides curated by iconic public figures and has plans to expand into unconventional travel design.

Founded by artist and creative consultant Corinne Hamilton, Haunt offers highly curated travel guides (with no photos) that are designed to cater to “travellers of any budget”, and that emphasise “authenticity, elegance and a refined aesthetic appeal”.

Drawing inspiration from Virginia Woolf’s enchanting portrayal of urban exploration in “Street Haunting,” Haunt encapsulates the essence of venturing beyond the ordinary and embracing the unknown.Haunt Haunt“Our mission at haunt is to redefine the culture of travel,” says Hamilton, founder and CEO of Haunt. “We believe that travel is not just about visiting famous landmarks or snapping Instagram-worthy photos. It’s about immersing oneself in the soul of a destination, connecting with its people, and discovering its hidden gems.”

At the heart of Haunt’s offerings are its digital guides, meticulously curated by the most in-the-know locals in each city. These guides provide travellers with off-the-beaten-path recommendations, allowing them to experience destinations like a true insider.

Whether it’s exploring hidden art galleries, savouring authentic street food, or discovering tucked-away antique shops, Haunt ensures that every journey is filled with authentic experiences.Haunt HauntLGBTQ+ publication Them has highlighted that Haunt is a queer-led company that intends to “establish a global network of LGBTQ+ travel experts”. It says that Haunt is “by and for queer people”.

Is Haunt specifically targeting the LGBTQ travel market? Hamilton tells Globetrender: “Haunt is about cutting through the noise. That mission can look like so many different people, businesses, and places. Queer or otherwise, Haunt is celebrating the fringe and the way the outsider centres tastes.”

A spokesperson for the company adds: “While Haunt is managed and operated by queer people and many of the guide authors are queer, it’s not really the larger purpose of the company. The mission of Haunt is to offer bespoke recommendations from artists and culturally relevant figures in each destination, so that you get to travel like a local wherever you go. Haunt is for anyone and everyone interested in that approach.”

Haunt digital guides include:

In addition to its digital guides, Haunt also offers personalised travel planning (a 50-minute discovery call costs US$250), and will soon offer a range of other services, including group tours, wellness retreats and an editorial platform. Three hotel recommendations costs US$90.

“The travel world of 2024 is more crowded and chaotic than ever before,” says Hamilton. “But at Haunt, we’re determined to cut through the noise and provide travellers with meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impression. By collaborating with prominent artists, chefs, musicians, and cultural leaders, we’re able to offer intimate recommendations that go beyond the tourist traps and clichés.”