Globetrender speaks with ‘contemporary shamans’ Gary Logan and Robert Grover who are founders of the Journeymen Collective, a Canadian company that organises luxury magic mushroom retreats for businesspeople in secret ‘six-star’ locations.

What is the Journeymen Collective?

“The Journeymen Collective specialises in curating luxurious shamanic journeys for visionaries who yearn to create conscious impact for the whole of humanity and the planet.

“We empower executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals to connect deeply into self to amplify their awareness and to accelerate their conscious vision for life and business into reality.

“We are the Journeymen and the Collective is a group of like-minded and like-souled individuals coming together to use their refined attunement and awareness of reality who bring creative imagination into form in life, love and business.

“We are the guides who empower you to embark on a bespoke journey that connects you to a greater awareness of Self, congruent with deep joy, profound creativity and abundant prosperity.

“As your awareness expands and you move through new layers of truth, flow accelerates and you return to the world with clarity of purpose, ease of action, and joy is alive in your being.

“With access to new quantum streams of consciousness you attune your being to flow with the laws that influence reality and live in harmony and sustainable balance with the natural world.

“The greatest power you will ever wield is the expansiveness of your multidimensional awareness of pure reality. The Journeymen Collective open people up to this greater power.

When was the company founded and why?

“The Journeymen Collective was found in 2018 because we answered the calling that would coalesce 50+ years of personal, spiritual, and metaphysical, corporate training and experience in a company that is like no other business on the planet.

“There is a deep need in the business and entrepreneurial world for people to remember into their connection to their inner innate wisdom, knowledge, and power to create from a centered and authentic way of flowing with creative intelligence. From that re-connection comes an ability to create new passionate and purposeful business or amplify existing business so that it is actualizing highest potential.

“When an individual connects deeply with an ever-evolving awareness to design a soul-centered reality this connection facilitates the ability to live as an embodiment of a conscious vision for the planet. Humans are capable of remembering that we all tread upon a living, breathing and conscious organism – called Earth.

“Secondly, there is also a real need for people to release deeply held trauma from this lifetime and generational trauma that is carried in our genetics. Each and every human has the opportunity to open and connecting with their highly evolved way of synchronizing one’s awareness to their very own unique genius.

“It’s the held trauma in our energetic field that holds us back from accessing our unique genius. The Journeymen Collective are experts in guiding people to embody their unique genius, their unique way of processing energetic information, and by connecting into their inner genius this allows for unique creation in business that resonates with the highest order of universal laws.”

What are your credentials as ‘contemporary shamans’?

“We bring together 50-plus year of personal, spiritual, and metaphysical training and experience into our offerings. We’ve undergone extensive training in the shamanic healing arts, executive level mindset coaching, countless energetic healing modalities and decades of customer service and client facing roles in the corporate world.”

Where do the experiences take place?

“Our experiences take place in private luxurious estate locations throughout the wine and lake country of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and in various locations within the Great Bear Rainforest. Our exact locations remain private due to required discretion for our clients. All clients have private luxuriously curated rooms to sleep.

“Each room is infused with environmental sustainability and six-star-plus luxury that focuses on the highest level of energetic restoration and rejuvenation. All our food is organic and vegetarian and prepared by our Intuitive Chef that senses into the nutritional and restoration needs of our clients.”

What psychedelic plant medicine do people take? Is it legal?

“We facilitate journeys with medicinal mushrooms that grow freely in nature. Mushrooms, psilocybin, are a product of nature.”

How much do they cost?

  • From CA$34,000/person (£21,000) for Solo Clients and Power Partners
  • From CA$15,000/person (£13,000) for small groups of three to four people.

Measuring Psilocybin Magic MushroomIn what ways is the company innovative?

“We meld plant medicine shamanic journeys with the amplification and/or elevation of heart-centre and purposeful business that honours ‘unique genius’.

“Our high level of curated support allows our clients to ground the transcendental experience(s) back into reality for true transformation of soul-centered reality. Our masterful guidance into the mystical realms of reality allow deeply innate knowledge to synthesized into conscious or heart-centered form.

“We live our work and put forth a high level of intention and integrity and expect the same of our clients that we invite into the work.

“When plant medicine psychedelics are facilitated in a respectful and responsible manner with a professional attitude that leans toward reverence, then one is able to garner greater awareness of ones true self. Every bit and byte (sometimes Terrabytes) of information that is presented to the brave soul who embarks on a shamanic journey is given the visions to that human being to translate the energy into applied learning.

“The learning is translated into action and it’s the action in an aligned state of flow that attunes ones’ consciousness to higher dimensions of reality. This aligned state is a discovery of one’s every evolving center point of awareness that allows for higher and higher levels of discernment to read subtle energetic cues for higher and higher levels of synchronistic business.”

What do you offer clients?

“We offer six to 18 months of support to our international clientele that is highly personalised, bespoke and luxurious journey. The full focus is on the client.. We honour the highest potential of our clients by creating space in a luxurious environment which leads to an ultra high quality experiential discovery process.

“Our journeys are curated for solo, power partner (two people), or small groups of three to four people and on occasion we facilitate for groups up to eight people. Clients will experience four full days of intensive work including two deeply intensive plant medicine ceremonies and two full days of integration.

“Vegetarian cuisine will be prepared by an intuitive chef who senses clients’ nutritional requirements to achieve full restoration of the whole being.”

Who is your target market?

“High-performing executives, business moguls, entrepreneurs, musicians, thought-leaders, visionaries, coaches, artists and professionals who have a deep yearning to make a conscious contribution to the planet through passionate and purposeful business who want to embark on a shamanic journey with a high level of privacy and bespoke care.

“Our clients know they have a deeper calling that is ringing from within and we support our clients in answering that yearning to create impactful business for greater peace, love, joy and freedom. Clients who are invited into the Journeymen Collective know they have greater potential within, that they have yet to access and we guide people into the mystical realms of reality to acknowledge their inner riches and take on the responsibility to make a contribution in the world and leave a lasting impact for the best possible timeline for humanity and the planet.”

How do you help people ‘accelerate their conscious vision for life and business into reality’?

“We must slow down, rest deeply into self, to speed up – to move forward in a conscience highly aware state of being.

“Our clients learn to embark on an ever evolving process of refining their awareness of the energetic world around them and learn to trust the flow of universal intelligence that allows their life and business to elevate and flourish. By attuning one’s awareness people, places and situations synchronize to soulful desires. Life and Business quickens. Reality is quickened when we learn to listen to the whispers of our soul.

“However, we must slow to do to speed up. We must rest into a high level of support and care to clear out the old programming, the old energetics, to connect more deeply with self to expand one’s reality into form. It’s the clearing out of the old the makes room the new. Our current society runs through life at rapid pace, from the age of five to 65, with no time to stop and rest into self to clear out the old energetic baggage.

“Everything is energy. Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energies. When we have thoughts and feelings about a circumstance or an event from the past that hasn’t been fully processed that energy can be stuck in the matter and space of the body. The result is typically pain or we start moving the body in a different manner to avoid feeling the pain and we typically collapse the body out of its optimal performance structure.

“If you are a living breathing human being, you most definitely have trauma stored in your body – stored in the energy of you. No matter if it was grandma slapping your hand as you reached towards a cookie or you were involved in an event that almost took your life. There is simply a spectrum of what the impact is on you.

“So, in the cookie incident it may not have a significant impact on you; however, there will still be an impact if the energy remains suppressed within the system. In a lot of cultures, when a traumatic event happens we are told to suck it up or sweep it under the rug and get on with life. We bury it within our energetic being. This stagnant energy if left unresolved, will cause problems later on in life such as pain, inflammation or disease.”

MushroomWhat is a shamanic journey?

“At its core, a guided journey is an inward-facing exploration of your soul and mind that’s facilitated by a masterfully trained shaman. Typically, this means entering a meditative state of stillness and interacting with the spiritual or mystical world to find answers, transform and transmute energy, and accelerate awareness of reality.

“The reason it’s ‘guided’ is that roaming around through the layers of your own soul, poking at the unexplored energies of yourself can be overwhelming. Shamans spend years, sometimes decades, training to journey on their own safely and effectively. When a layperson engages in a guided journey, they partner with a shaman who can keep them focused on that which is presented in the journey and help them interpret what they see and experience. It’s a lot easier than becoming a shaman yourself.

“Guided journeys are often catalysed by a substance, a ritual, or both. It can be a mind-altering plant medicine (aka psychedelics), a dance, an incantation, or a meditation undertaken in a sacred space that kicks off the awakening process.

“Clients who apply and are accepted to work with us at the Journeymen Collective experience a facilitated, highly personalised, and intensive plant medicine journey designed to eradicate outdated thought patterns and emotional programmes so they can accelerate their conscious vision for life and business into reality.

“The best shamans will facilitate this by screening their clients before agreeing to guide them. They intuit whether they will have a genuine connection with the client, and determine whether that client will be able to open up to allow that connection to unfold during the journey. If the shaman believes they’ll be able to authentically guide someone, it then falls to the client to make themselves fully ready to clear out the old and embody the new frequencies that reside within.

“That can be harder than it sounds. Here’s what we tell clients who are accepted to work with us: ‘You must be fully ready to meet all aspects of yourself. You must be willing to be guided, open, honest, and respectful throughout the entire experience to maximize the benefit for your own personal growth and expansion. You must be willing to surrender all expectations of what you think you need and be willing to receive exactly what universal divine intelligence provides.’

“That can feel vulnerable, which is another reason why screening and onboarding are so crucial. Especially for first-time travelers, there must be an abundance of trust paired with a grounded belief that they’ll be exploring within themselves in a very safe and judgment-free environment.

“At the Journeymen Collective we make sure we get to know each client before introducing the plant medicine into the equation, showing them they can remove their filters and let down their guard with us. We tell them they should do so because it will help them locate and recognize their inner truths; and we tell them they can do so because we uphold shaman/client confidentiality just like medical doctors do with their patients.

“If you’re worried about diving into a journey and being forced to face unexpected or strange situations, take it from us: the only thing you are going to face is YOU. Which means you’ll be completely safe, but also means you need to make a full commitment right from the start. Are you devoted to connecting with your higher purpose? Are you willing to let everything go in order to fulfill your highest destiny?

“If not, a journey of this magnitude is not for you. It’s only for the brave and for those willing to be responsible for the deeply sacred and mystical work.

“Working with any shaman is a profound experience, but those who are selected to journey with us are led through a deeply intensive experiential educational process. They must be ready to get out of their own way, and accept the full, aligned, attuned version of themselves that will emerge. Our clients are always willing to being fully responsible for grounding their discoveries into an ever evolving creation in their life and business.”

Magic mushroomsWhat’s involved in the ‘deeply intensive plant medicine ceremonies and days of integration’, as it states on your website?

“Deeply intensive ceremonies are masterfully guided plant medicine journeys where we are with our clients during breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. It’s a time intensive process that we bring people through and the client is the primary focus.  We work with our clients the entire time that they are in our presence – from the time our clients wake until our clients retire into sleep.

“We have many facets to the structured bespoke support; however, we use our highly attuned awareness to tailor the entire experience on the client’s needs. Some of the facets include:

  • Alexander Technique lessons that help prepare for and integrate the transcendental experiences as a whole human being (on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.)
  • Reading from our inhouse library is intuitively guided to assist with the educational understanding to ground the journey experience into reality.
  • Light hiking to reconnect with the natural world and assist with the embodiment of the ceremonial work.
  • Masterminding with the universe to learn, understand and integrate the journeys into life, love and business.
  • Resting and relaxing in the Hot tub/spa and salt water pool.

“Our masterfully guided journeys are intensive because we are with you every step of the way. The guidance amplifies the medicine’s true power when respect, reverence and an intention are weaved into the ceremonial space.

“Reverence and expertly attuned guidance grants permission to consciously craft a space in deep resonate union with that of the medicine. Masterful guidance is always the key to translating the transcendental experience back into reality. The translation or synthesis of the ceremonial experience takes place during integration and this process entails, at the most basic level, the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical embodiment of the work.

“For example, if you were going to embark on an epically powerful wilderness experience in wilds of Canada most would hire a guide to be there with them. This wilderness experience is expertly crafted by the guide and still allows the individual to embark on their own journey by being educated through preparation.

“The guide doesn’t take over leadership of the journey, however, the guide is there with them every step of the way to grant safe passage throughout the natural world. A masterfully guided journey is akin to this scenario; yet, the entire shamanic journey is all on the inside within the metaphysical terrain of the individual’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being.

“An expertly guided shamanic journey is like the going out into a guided wilderness tour; however, when one dives into the sacred space of self the guide is helping you navigate the wilds of the inner multidimensional universe within your being so that you clear out the old, connect more deeply within Self and the innate intelligence of the universe and expand your awareness of reality.

“The medicine (or skill) of the guide you choose to work with is of key importance as their being, their masterfully crafted awareness and ability to navigate through the metaphysical terrain is paramount. A guided journey allows for higher levels of integration of touchstone moments to take place after the ceremonies because the shaman is with you as you move through the inner landscape of self.

“Recall of the touchstones allows for the mystical to be integrated into your life and business. Weaving together the touchstones allows for breakthroughs.

“Another potent determinate when entering the sacred is that of the space of you. Humans are 99.99999% space, and the rest is matter. During ceremony, a masterfully professional guide is always curating the space that you are lovingly held within and attunes their awareness of the client so that the space is continually cleansed and cleared, protected, and maintained to ensure the safe passage through the inner wilds of the infinite dimensions of self.

“Curating the space is a constant process of listening, seeing, feeling, hearing and even smelling and tasting the energy that is present. This heightened sense of awareness takes place on the outside in the space of the dwelling and sensing the energy from the inside.

“The highly attuned curation of space allows for the highest order of energy and information to stream through the bandwidth of the individual that has embarked on the journey. Professional guides manicure the divine wifi connection during sacred ceremony.

“Whatever you are shown during a journey with psychedelics is shown to you for a reason and the medicine along with the medicine/skill of the shaman meets you where you are at in the evolution of you. The visuals and experience you go through are given to you by higher intelligence of nature so that you can decompose the old energies within yourself that no longer serve you and you release conditioning from your past that is no longer yours to carry.

“The baggage is released so that you can step fully into the most epically divine and potently powerful version of you the world has yet to see.”

What is the future of psychedelic wellness?

“We, the Journeymen Collective, are creating the future of the psychedelic wellness industry. Weaving the metaphysical into and through business. The future of the industry is combing organic based psychedelics with the most refined, highly attuned and deeply conscious guidance is the key to unlocking and radically changing the future of wellness.

“It’s not about creating a carbon copy of what The Journeymen Collective are doing but allowing facilitators/guides to be rooted in shamanic tradition and grow to elevate into connecting into their unique genius of their unique offering. Connecting into one’s refined level of genius allows for innovative metaphysical energetic tools (mind, body and soulful modalities) to move through sacred space of a journey.

“This honors the highest levels of integrity to their highest wisdom which will catalyze new ideas that move into the business world. Highest Intention must be honored. Highest and refined integrity must be present.

“In the psychedelics wellness industry, we need highly attuned and refined, integrous beings who are trained to facilitate the deeply scared work that honors the integrity of the natural medicine so that clients can honor the responsibility of the information garnered during a journey such that it’s translated into inspired action to create a harmonious world.

“The biggest opportunity is for current leaders and investors to awaken and connect to their own true inner selves, refine their awareness to the highest truth of their business(es) and industries. This will allow for evolution of all industries to harmonize to the highest dimensional expression of creation of soulful, heart-based business rooted in passionate and purpose driven business models.”

What’s coming next? Trend reports available to download HERE