Globetrender is the world’s leading travel trend forecasting agency and online magazine dedicated to the future of travel.


Globetrender’s downloadable trend reports are based on qualitative journalistic research, expert interviews, observation of the changing needs and desires of consumers, strategic intuition, hard data from multiple sources and cross-cultural analysis.

We also partner with third-party market research companies such as YouthSight to provide fresh quantitative data on consumer sentiment.

We set our sights on what is going on in the early stages of adoption so that the information we deliver feels fresh and you have time to act on it. Equally, it is embedded enough that it is solid and reliable, not just flimsy future-gazing.


Globetrender’s free weekly Innovation Briefings are read by thousands of travel industry professionals from around the world, as well as cool-hunting consumers and insight-seeking executives from a variety of multinational corporations and consultancies.

Globetrender also publishes a premium newsletter called VOLT, which explores emerging travel trends in depth on a weekly basis.


Many of our scheduled trend reports offer the opportunity for sponsorship – previous sponsors include American Express Global Business Travel, Accor, Ultima Collection, Cookson Adventures, Cirium and Air Partner. Bespoke trend reports for internal or external use can be produced on request.

Globetrender’s weekly Innovation Briefings are also available to sponsor.


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Trend forecasting is essential for informing your business decisions, reducing risks and inspiring new ways of thinking, as the world around you changes.

With Globetrender, you will receive a highly personalised series of engagements that will enable you to accelerate your decision-making, understand the shifts taking place in travel and how to capitalise on them, quickly.


  • How to identify opportunities at a time of crisis
  • How to make sense of changes taking place in the industry
  • Key trends relevant to your business
  • How other companies are innovating
  • Strategies for the road ahead
  • Insights into what travel editors and journalists want
  • How to think creatively and identify opportunities
  • Action plans and solutions to key problems
  • Key takeaways


Jenny SouthanJenny was on the editorial team at Business Traveller magazine for ten years. Today, in addition to being editor, founder and CEO of Globetrender, she writes for publications including Conde Nast Traveller, The Telegraph, City AM and Mr Porter.

Jenny is available to book for public speaking engagements including webinars, talks, live broadcasts (she regularly comments on BBC Radio), workshops, panels, conferences and conventions.TTG Luxury Travel Summit 2021


Editor and founder Jenny Southan [email protected]


In both 2021 and 2019, Globetrender was shortlisted for “Online Consumer Publication of the Year” in the Travel Media Awards.


“Globetrender is a fantastic resource for JPR in the UK, as well as our offices further afield in the US and Canada. The valuable insights are always ahead of the curve, meticulously researched, trustworthy and really delve deep into current issues. Globetrender reports have become an important go-to for JPR, both from a planning perspective and as a trend toolkit, as well as for staying on top of vital industry trends and news. No other travel site so concisely captures industry data and research in such a clear, digestible manner.” Emma Hartland-Mahon, J Public Relations

“We’ve found the Globetrender reports incredibly insightful as an agency, especially for our clients, who have found seeing a change to their competitive set helpful to manoeuvre their positioning within the market. The pandemic has brought up a whole host of challenges in its own right, Globetrender’s insights have greatly assisted us to feedback to our clients viable trends to capitalise on.” Natalia Dowling-Kennedy, JV Public Relations

“Globetrender reports always have their finger on the pulse of what is happening in the travel world. The content is always fresh and up-to-the minute and, as a PR, prove invaluable when forward-planning for our clients. We can always count on the seasoned Globetrender team to deliver expert insight and look forward to each new report.” Julia Pimentel, Perowne International

“With the world changing at such a fast pace, and the travel industry as unpredictable as it’s ever been, it’s easy to be blinkered and bogged down by the here and now. The 2021 Travel Trend Forecast by Globetrender provides clarity and considered insight. It encourages us, as creatives and advisors, to reflect during these trying times in our industry. The forecast assists us in taking stock of how much has changed, so that we can plan for future developments and adapt efficiently.” Sarah Richards, Sadler&Co