Gen Z Horizons: Travel in 2020 and Beyond


Gen Z Horizons gives unparalelled insights into young people and what they want from the travel experience in 2020 and beyond.

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For Gen Z Horizons, Globetrender partnered with independent research agency YouthSight to produce a 50-page report on the travel habits, sentiments and motivations of Generation Z, the oldest of whom were 25-years-old in 2020.

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Globetrender sponsors and partners include American Express Global Business Travel, Business Traveller magazine, Tong Digital, Cookson Adventures, Cirium, The PC Agency, Inmarsat Aviation and Euronews.

Our reports are downloaded by thousands of companies globally (both within the travel industry and beyond), who see them as an unparalled resource for travel trend intelligence.

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To get in touch with YouthSight, email managing director of Insight, Josephine Hansom, [email protected]


  • Results of Globetrender x YouthSight “State of Gen Z” travel survey
  • Gen Z defining characteristics, beliefs and values, cultural trends and challenges
  • Gen Z traveller data
  • Gen Z lifestyle data
  • 50 influential young people

    Globetrender Gen Z Horizons report


  • Case studies on TikTok, Intrepid Travel, Jo&Joe, The Student Hotel, Jennelle Eliana
  • Trend focus: virtual influencers, virtual exploration, climate neutral stays, ancestry travel
  • Six pages of Gen Z interviews
  • Three pages of takeaways



VOLT members automatically receive a 50% discount.