Travel Trends Report 2024


British Airways Holidays has partnered with Globetrender to identify leisure travel trends including TikTok Trips, Location Scouting and Season Stretching


Published in May 2024, British Airways Holidays has partnered with Globetrender to identify UK leisure travel trends including TikTok Trips, Location Scouting and Season Stretching, all of which are explored in our Travel Trends Report 2024.


  • Deep dives into six UK leisure travel trends for 2024: Long-Lead Bankrolling, Destination Swaps, TikTok Trips, Location Scoutin, Season Stretching and Offline Holidays.
  • Results from UK leisure travel consumer survey conducted by YouGov
  • British Airways Holidays search data: 2024 Destination Hotlist, Rising Stars, Best Newcomers
  • PLUS: Ten Destination Swaps, Loud Budgeting, Most Popular TikTok Destinations, How to turn 25 days of annual leave into 56 days of holiday in 2025, Location Scouting planner (based on TV series and movie releases for 2024 & 2025)

“The two main macro forces governing holiday planning in 2024 are modern culture and money management. We see this in the ‘limelight effect’ that certain locations benefit from after appearing in TV shows and movies, for example; and the rise of ‘finfluencers’ (financial influencers) who are inspiring consumers to adopt savvy spending strategies such as paying in interest-free instalments for trips and booking off-season. Travellers are also becoming more curious, seeking out lesser-known destinations to visit – in some cases this is being propelled by viral TikTok content that sparks interest in a place they have never heard of.”

Jenny Southan, editor, founder and CEO of Globetrender

“I’ve been fascinated to see the latest external factors influencing how people book their holidays, and how behaviours have modified since our last report. At British Airways Holidays, we’re passionate about taking holidays seriously and we value getting to know our customers’ habits and interests, so we can give them the autonomy to create incredible memories, however they choose to holiday.”

Claire Bentley, Managing Director of British Airways Holidays

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