Travel After 2020: What Will Tourism Look Like in Our New Reality?



Travel After 2020: What Will Tourism Look Like in Our New Reality? is a free trend report that has been co-authored by Globetrender and Euronews, Europe’s leading international news channel.

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  • Six themes: Wilderness Tourism, Eco Tourism, Nomadic Tourism, Wellness Tourism, Authentic Tourism and Mindful Tourism
  • Six trends (including Celestial Escapes and Cultivacations)
  • Six case studies on: Scotland’s Wildland, Green People’s Himalayan goat villages, Morocco’s Desert et Montagne, Bulgaria’s Strimon Garden Medical Spa Hotel and Japan’s Buddhist town of Koyasan


  • A guide to creating travel content for conscious consumers
  • Takeaways for travel marketers
  • Expert comments and predictions from industry insiders
  • Cutting-edge examples of innovation to reflect how each trend is manifesting
  • Data that displays shifts in consumer behaviour




Globetrender reports help you understand the changes that are taking place across the travel industry, so you can anticipate what consumers will want in the future, and prepare your business accordingly.

Our qualitative research goes beyond quantitative stats and surveys that can go out of date quickly, to provide richer, more reliable insights into the future of travel.

Innovation is at the root of every trend, so we are always looking at what is new and disruptive. If you aren’t an innovator or an early-adopter of a trend, then you will be behind the curve and missing out on opportunities to flourish.Travel After 2020

EXCERPT: Celestial Escapes

“As the world becomes more urbanised, finding night skies that are unpolluted by artificial light is getting increasingly harder. Up until now, most people plan holidays around what they do in the daytime but as the call of the wild becomes more pronounced, post-dusk experiences such as campfires, starlight cinemas, astronomy classes and sleeping un- der the heavens will become more popular.

“Anticipating demand for Celestial Escapes, luxury travel company Black Tomato can arrange for stargazing holidays to Namibia’s Dark Sky Reserve (the only one in Africa) and Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni salt flats.

“At the latter, guests stay in dome tents right on the lunar terrain. Meanwhile, at the Amanjena hotel in Morocco, Aman has introduced a new ‘Into the Wilderness’ experience in the Agafay desert that gives guests the chance to eat a Berber-style dinner in the light of the stars.”