China Next: The Future of Luxury Tourism



China Next: The Future of Luxury Tourism is a free report from Globetrender that has been produced in association with TONG, the UK’s leading cross-cultural consultancy and creative agency with an exclusive focus on China.

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  • Deep dives into ten trends shaping the future of travel for China’s elite, with insights into how foreign countries and companies can better engage with them amid a climate of increased hostility and mistrust. Trends include: Livestream Culture, Slow Wellness and Reunion Holidays
  • Cutting-edge examples of innovation to reflect how each trend is manifesting
  • Expert comments and predictions from industry insiders
  • Data that displays shifts in consumer behaviour


  • Chinese inbound and outbound tourism analysis
  • Chinese luxury traveller data
  • Chinese domestic tourism analysis
  • Feature: The impact of Covid-19 on luxury Chinese travel
  • Feature: New luxury hotels in China
  • Feature: New Chinese airports
  • Feature: Aviation outlook
  • Three case studies: Hainan Free Trade Zone, WeChat Mini Programs, WorldWild
  • Four interviews with wealthy Chinese travellers
  • Eight interviews with travel industry experts from companies including Dragon Trail, Aman, China Outbound Tourism Research Institute and Swire Hotels


FreeLivestream Culture


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