Milestone Motivations & Luxury Travel Trends


Produced in partnership with cazenove+loyd, this post-demographic report reveals seven Milestone Motivations, luxury travel trends and concept itineraries


Published in September 2023, and produced in partnership with tailormade luxury travel specialist cazenove+loyd, this post-demographic report reveals seven Milestone Motivations, luxury travel trends and concept itineraries.

For most people, travel plays an important role in punctuating life’s journey with memorable and, often, formative experiences. When you look back on your past, it is these times abroad that form colourful episodes in your life story or even the start of a new chapter. Interestingly, they are rarely accidental – usually, people plan trips in advance to mark certain transitions or celebrations in their life.

In this report, we examine how these “Milestone Motivations” (a term coined by Globetrender) help inform people’s travel decisions, and how cazenove+loyd can provide bespoke planning and itinerary ideas for clients throughout the entirety of their life’s journey.

What’s key, though, is that while many travel companies focus on the behaviour of certain demographics, we recognise that Milestone Motivations can apply to people of any age. For example, wanting to take a “gap year” isn’t just relevant to Gen Z students – these days, many older people also like to mark a career break or retirement with an extended period abroad too.


  • Seven Milestone Motivations for travel planning (coined by Globetrender)
  • Seven luxury travel trends: Pioneering Safaris, Indigenous Immersions, DNA Pilgrimages, Carpe Diem Celebrations, Transitory Exploring, Paradise Camps and Radical Sabbaticals
  • Seven cazenove+loyd concept itineraries: The Congo, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru, Thanda Island in Tanzania, and Northern India
  • Q&A with Christopher Wilmot-Sitwell, co-owner and director of cazenove+loyd

Milestone Motivations chart

“With human lifespans getting increasingly longer, for the first time in history there are seven generations of people alive at one time. When it comes to travel, gap years aren’t just for young students – they can be for people in their sixties, too. Equally, cruises are evolving to appeal not just to retirees but to families and more intrepid solo travellers in their 30s.

“Taking a ‘post-demographic’ approach to travel design means that instead of focusing on the stereotypes associated with certain generations, advisors can instead identify what is motivating clients to book. More often than not it can be pegged to a life “milestone” of some kind – a birthday, redundancy, divorce, bereavement, wedding or inheritance, for example.”

Jenny Southan, Editor, Founder and CEO of Globetrender

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