Future of Luxury Travel Forecast: 2020-2025


Globetrender’s Future of Luxury Travel Forecast: 2020-2025 covers 25 trends including Immortality Retreats and Wilderness Hideouts.

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Globetrender’s Future of Luxury Travel Forecast: 2020-2025 has been produced in association with Cookson Adventures, the leading specialists in ultra-luxury experiential travel.

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  • Deep dives into 25 trends (including Pay for Peril, Supercharged Road Trips, Immortality Retreats and Wilderness Hideouts) that will define travel between 2020 and 2025
  • Expert comments and predictions from industry insiders
  • Cutting-edge examples of innovation to reflect how each trend is manifesting
  • Data that displays shifts in consumer behaviour
  • Ten interviews with industry innovators and thought-leaders from companies including Black Tomato, 700,000 Heures, Marriott International, Cookson Adventures, Soneva, Boom Supersonic and Jetcraft.
  • Case studies: Carrier, Bensley Collection
  • Lexicon guide to cultural shifts and traveller motivations


  • High-net worth and ultra-high net-worth individuals
  • HENRYs (high earners not rich yet)
  • Millennials and Boomers



VOLT members automatically receive a 50% discount.


Globetrender reports help you understand the changes that are taking place across the travel industry, so you can anticipate what consumers will want in the future, and prepare your business accordingly.

Our qualitative research goes beyond quantitative stats and surveys that can go out of date quickly, to provide richer, more reliable insights into the future of travel.

Innovation is at the root of every trend, so we are always looking at what is new and disruptive. If you aren’t an innovator or an early-adopter of a trend, then you will be behind the curve and missing out on opportunities to flourish.

Aman Camp Sarika, Utah

EXCERPT: Wilderness Hideouts

“Travellers are increasingly searching for true escapism, and it’s looking like glamping will be a key benefactor of that trend. From a value of US$2.07 billion globally in 2018, the glamping market is projected by Verified Market Research to achieve a CAGR of 10.71 per cent from 2019 to 2026, when it will be worth an impressive US$4.6 billion.

“Aman is well placed to pick up some of that windfall with the 2020 launch of Utah’s Camp Sarika, a collection of just ten canvas-topped pavilions occupying a 600-acre site that abuts five national parks. For all the raw, elemental beauty that surrounds it, the camp will still, crucially, offer the exemplary luxury so-called #amanjunkies have come to expect. Think a restaurant, lounge and spa suites, and private plunge pools for each guest tent.

“In Oman, Anantara’s Al Baleed Resort Salalah is making a virtue of the fascinating, diverse landscape that surrounds it to launch its own luxury mobile camping adventure in partnership with Oman Expeditions, which is run by founder and ex-British Royal Marine Sean Nelson.

“Guests will roam from mountains to desert to sea, perhaps setting up camp one night by the base of a towering sand dune with just a swirl of dazzling constellations to admire overhead and everywhere the sound, so seldom experienced, of deep, true silence.”