Wake The Tiger is an immersive, psychedelic wonderland that heralds a new era for the experience economy at its location in Bristol. Jenny Southan reports

Said to “blur the lines between an experiential art gallery, interactive theme park and detailed film set”, Bristol’s Wake the Tiger was unveiled last month by the artistic team behind the ground-breaking festival Boomtown Fair.

The organisers says that attendees should prepare to explore a “multi-layered labyrinth of creative environments and fantastical wonders” that take place in the parallel world of Meridia, where they will enter an old abandoned factory once inhabited by a mysterious community of adventurers staging wild experiments.Wake the TigerApparently, the other-worldly concept has been devised to “reconnect people with their environment and community”. With 27 distinct spaces, the art installations explore themes of innovation, inspiration and discovery.Wake the TigerVisitors will find underground networks, illuminated “singing ice”, underwater worlds, mechanical chambers and “elder forests”, where people can go in search of the “secrets of the Lost Meridians”.Wake the Tiger Wake the Tiger Wake the TigerWake the Tiger Wake the Tiger Wake the TigerTickets for Wake The Tiger are priced from £16.50 and journeys take about one hour.

Lak Mitchell, creative director of Wake The Tiger, says: “You have to see it to believe it. Wake The Tiger is an abandoned time capsule of fantastical experiences just waiting to be discovered. It will invite you to explore connections with the environment around you as well as challenge you to transform the world we all live in.

“This is a vision that plays into and expands on everything we have spent our lives building, taking raw underground art and fusing it with the latest technology. We can’t wait for guests to explore what we have created in the heart of Bristol.”