Otherworld has opened a second virtual reality gaming bar in London’s Victoria, featuring private ‘immersion pods’. Jenny Southan reports

After raising £2.9 million in investment from leading venture capital funds, Otherworld has unveiled a second sci-fi gaming venue in London, this time in Victoria. (The original site is Otherworld Haggerston.)

Otherworld says it is popular among celebrities such as Adele, Skepta, Jonathan Ross and KSI, and this new portal for VR gaming features upgraded immersion pods and a self-serve bar with alcohol on tap.Otherworld VictoriaGuests at the new Otherworld Victoria location earn DreamCoin as they play the virtual reality games, a virtual currency that discounts more VR time or drinks from the self-serve bar. Ten taps are on offer, including Asahi, Peroni, Tiny Rebel and premium cocktails from Black Lines.Otherworld VictoriaOtherworld says its private gaming pods (suitable for groups of up to eight people) have so far transported more than 60,000 people since 2019 to a virtual paradise island where they can enjoy 16 of the best immersive gaming, arts and education experiences.

“Feel the breeze blowing through your hair and the ground beneath your feet, as we use the power of heat, wind and rumble in 360 degrees to heighten the realism and immersive nature of the virtual world, giving you a new level of escape,” says Otherworld on its website.Otherworld VictoriaIt adds: “Our experiences and games can be found in four distinct regions of the island: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

“Spring is best for first-timers while Winter is better suited to more confident gamers. Whether you’re new to VR or a gaming pro, there’ll be something you’ll enjoy.”

A 40-minute session for one person costs £15-£31. (Be warned that VR gaming can sometimes make you feel dizzy and nauseous, though.)

Otherworld Victoria

“Our second location is a first-class departure lounge to a parallel universe,” says Ed Wardle, chief creative officer. “We’re excited to welcome our guests to an awe-inspiring, projection-mapped space where they can prepare for their journey into virtual reality and swap stories once they’ve returned.”

Otherworld VictoriaThe new location is part of a wider expansion. “We’ve been spurred on by fantastic guest feedback and strong trading results,” says Chris Adams, chief executive officer, “and are working to take Otherworld to new cities across the UK.”

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