From plasma injections to breathwork sessions, the inaugural ‘Diamond Edge Longevity Retreat’ at Casa Amoros seeks to ‘unlock the secrets of anti-aging’. Jenny Southan reports

Tapping into the life extension wellness trend, the Diamond Edge Longevity Retreat will take place at a beautifully restored, 300-year-old stone finca that has been recently opened by co-owners Jenny Leigh Morris and Jenny Graham.

Opened in summer 2023, Casa Amoros is a 12-guest mountain hideout set amidst the mountain landscapes of Costa Blanca, with six bedrooms and six bathrooms located near Alicante. It is also available to book on Airbnb.

Jenny Leigh Morris (pictured below), cofounder of Casa Amoros and Deep Rest, will host the retreat in partnership with holistic medical practitioner Dr Jan Beute, who worked as an accident and emergency doctor in the UK for 12 years until becoming interested in alternative medicine. He now specialises in stem cell and autoimmune therapy to encourage the body to stimulate its own innate healing capabilities.Jenny Leigh MorrisDesigned for individuals who want to “unlock the secrets of anti-aging, recalibrate their nervous system and enhance their physical and mental performance”, the Diamond Edge Longevity Retreat offers guests a “transformative journey towards optimising their health”.

Each guest will receive a “wide spectrum” of personalised wellness treatments to address areas of imbalance identified in their intake process, including PRP stem cell and Molecular Hydrogen therapies administered by Dr Beute.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy harnesses the body’s natural healing processes by extracting a concentrated form of platelets from your blood and injecting them into targeted areas, promoting tissue regeneration, collagen production and stem cell count. It is a natural approach that accelerates healing, reduces inflammation, and rejuvenates your skin, hair, joints and more, providing effective and lasting results.Casa Amoros Casa AmorosThe PRP treatment is further enhanced by holistic techniques that use light, frequency, sound and vibration to stimulate the blood. Such techniques have been proven to rejuvenate and strengthen blood cells, reduce pain and repair tissue. These advanced formulations of sound frequencies called “sonic-ceuticals” are designed specifically to target cellular regeneration.

The Diamond Edge Longevity Retreat will be supported by Linda Lo Curto, MSc research methods for psychology, Access Consciousness practitioner and founder of the Aurora Academy; Joseph Merrill, quantum energy worker and Access Consciousness Practitioner; Björn Stubner, breathwork facilitator and founder of WeBreaze; and Alvin Harbour, biochemistry and longevity expert, and founder of Ivolv Superhuman Wellness.

Other sessions include vibroacoustic and light therapy, breathwork, meditation and yoga but Morris says that “every aspect of the retreat is meticulously curated to enhance vitality, resilience and overall wellbeing”. She adds: “Our retreat combines the latest advancements in biohacking and longevity science with the timeless wisdom of holistic wellness practices.”Casa Amoros

Highlights of the Diamond Edge Longevity Retreat:

– Hands-on workshops led by Dr Beute and the team, covering topics such as nutritional optimisation, sleep enhancement, and mindfulness practices.

– Personalized PRP stem cell treatments.

– Customized wellness assessments and health plans tailored to each participant’s unique needs and goals.

– Daily enzymes and probiotics designed to address metabolic deficiencies, cleanse the body at a cellular level, and fortify the gut microbiome.

– Breathwork, massage and somatic release sessions.

– Samples of some of the world’s top biohacking supplements.

– On demand hydrogen and focalised red light therapies.

– Vibroacoustic therapy and frequency healing.

– Nourishing Ayurvedic cuisine.

– Morning yin yoga and guided meditations.

The Diamond Edge Longevity Retreat is scheduled to take place from June 12-17 2024. Limited places are available in order to keep the treatments personalised. Prices start from €5,200. Diamond Edge Longevity Retreats will be held once a quarter or can be arranged for private groups.