Tapping into the human life extension trend, the Six Senses Ibiza is hosting a retreat led by longevity expert Dr Mark Hyman in 2024. Jenny Southan reports

Taking place in May 2024 (9th-15th), the “Young Forever” retreat will be hosted at Six Senses Ibiza, which is already leading the way with its RoseBar longevity spa that uses extensive diagnostic testing and personalised programmes to “restore, regenerate and transform your health span”.

Led by Dr Mark Hyman, a leading voice in the science of longevity, the week-long retreat will incorporate seminars, group hikes, yoga, IV infusions, sound healing, sunset ceremonies and “fresh local phytonutrient-rich food”. Rates are yet to be announced but 2023’s rates were €14,790 for single occupancy.

The programme is based on Dr Hyman’s bestselling book on extending both healthspan and lifespan. Utilising food as medicine, exercise, lifestyle practices and RoseBar’s biohacking and regenerative therapies, Dr Hyman will guide participants in “activating their body’s longevity switches” leaving guests renewed and perhaps just a few years biologically younger.Six Senses Ibiza RoseBar Six Senses Ibiza RoseBarThe daily programming is designed to activate innate longevity switches and healing systems with food, exercise, yoga, bodywork, cryotherapy, saunas, nutritional IV’s, hyperbaric oxygen, hypoxia treatments and ozone therapy all employed to help guests reverse their biological age.

Dr Hyman will present daily seminars on unpacking the latest science of health and wellness, biohacking, and longevity. Guests will (hopefully) emerge from the retreat feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually transformed with the knowledge and tools to lead a long healthy life.Six Senses Ibiza RoseBar Six Senses Ibiza RoseBarParticipants will be accommodated in private en suite rooms in the resort’s multi-bedroom residences, sharing large communal spaces, including a garden and private pool.

Year round, guests are invited to discover RoseBar, the one-of-a-kind longevity club which blends the power of science with spiritual wellbeing to enhance human health and lengthen lifespan, which officially launched at Six Senses Ibiza in mid 2023.

RoseBar programmes offer insights, tools and a plan to reverse ageing processes and achieve long-term wellbeing by enhancing the body’s natural repair systems and activating biological pathways.

The RoseBar advisory team spans a broad spectrum of experience, combining expertise in longevity and functional medicine with long-held spiritual wisdom. Together, they represent a “progressive force at the vanguard of this new science” with chief medical officer Dr Mark Hyman at the helm.