Clinique La Praire has launched the “world’s most advanced brain enhancement programme to date”, taking wellness tourism to the next level. Marisa Cannon reports

With the global longevity industry set to exceed US$44.2 billion by 2030, you’ll be hard pressed to find a spa that hasn’t cooked up a treatment aimed at making you look younger.

Swiss retreat Clinique La Prairie is the latest to tap into the personal optimisation trend with what it’s calling “the world’s most advanced brain enhancement programme to date”.

Designed to slow cognitive decline and boost brain performance, the week-long “Brain Potential” programme measures brain health indicators such as genetics, nutrition, wellbeing and movement, and takes guests through a battery of tests such as MRI brain scans, abdominal and chest ultrasounds and gut health analyses.

Clinique La Prairie spa's relaxation roomA cognitive check-up follows using the memory-based brain training method, alongside screenings for heavy metals and inflammation, as well as assessments of how well the body’s sensory and perceptual markers are working.

Guests are then offered personalised advice on how they can maximise their brain performance. This might include cognitive and visuospatial training, resistance training, specific breathing techniques, exposure to low-frequency audio stimulation (designed to promote sleep and relaxation) and nutrition aimed at promoting brain health.

Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie, says: “Our Brain Potential programme encapsulates our dedication to nurturing the aspirations of guests who seek to embrace life’s full potential, like never before.

With proactive cutting-edge technology, Clinique La Prairie’s experts can help our guests optimise their cognitive wellbeing and transform their understanding around brain and all factors linked to it.”

The Brain Potential programme starts from £24,800 including accommodation in a room or suite, plus healthy CLP menus, access to the spa facilities and a limousine service.