Swiss medi-spa hotel Clinique La Prairie is unveiling a new ‘longevity hub’ at the St Regis Marsa Arabia Island Doha, where travellers can undergo therapies to increase their lifespan. It’s also offering wellness retreats in the Seychelles. Jenny Southan reports

Since 1931, Clinique La Prairie has been at the forefront of the longevity market. It says its mission has been to “inspire clients to live a fuller, longer, healthier life”.

Today, the cutting-edge clinic offers high-earning consumers everything from DNA testing and stem cell injections to week-long immune-boosting and rebalancing itineraries. One of it’s top-of-the-range programmes includes Revitalisation Premium, which starts from CHF 40,200 (£35,000) including full board accommodation.

In 2020, Globetrender spoke with CEO Simone Gibertoni and Dr Adrian Heini, doctor of internal and preventative medicine with a specialisation in clinical nutrition, about how to achieve “optimal quality ageing” and life extension through Clinique La Prairie’s cutting-edge, medical hotel-stay programmes. (You can read our article here.)

Now the brand has announced that it will continue to “support its clients’ wellbeing journeys in the cities where they live” by opening Clinique La Prairie longevity hubs around the world.

Following locations in Madrid and Bangkok, next up will be a Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics and Medical Spa at the St Regis Marsa Arabia Island – the Pearl, Doha, in Qatar, which is set to open this summer 2022.

The centre will apparently deliver Clinique La Prairie’s “integrative approach to longevity, based on CLP method combining evidence-based medicine with unique wellbeing, nutrition and movement plans”.

Special packages will also be available for those who wish to enjoy a full spectrum of benefits available at Clinique La Prairie Doha, or who want to enjoy an extensive follow-up with the team of professionals back home in Doha after a longevity and wellness week-long stay in the Swiss clinic.

An exclusive membership programme will also be available for those who wish to enjoy a full spectrum of benefits available at Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics and Medical Spa. These packages will include private consultations and tailor-made therapies.

A premium annual membership with the advantage of an exclusive residential stay at Clinique La Prairie Montreux in Switzerland will also be available.

Guests will be able to choose specific treatments or to follow highly personalised packages aiming at creating integral individual paths. These protocols, ranging from regeneration, detox and reset, gut health or beauty, are designed with carefully selected treatments and coaching that amplify each other to help clients look, feel and live well.

This is what Clinique La Prairie says will be on offer…

  • LONGEVITY & NUTRITION Medical experts in the fields of longevity, genetics/epigenetics and nutrition will offer consultations and follow-ups to assess your daily routines, give an in-depth insight into your state of health, and provide a tailor-made guide to overhaul your lifestyle.
  • NUTRACEUTICALS Holistic Health – the pioneering collection of Swiss-made supplements by Clinique La Prairie – will be available and integrated into the longevity protocols. They offer the most advanced micro-nutritional solutions, connecting the fundamental pillars for a healthy living – immunity, stress management, anti-inflammation, rejuvenation, and cellular stimulation.
  • BEAUTY To address cellular aging inside and out, a team of aesthetic medicine specialists will combine expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to provide a broad range of personalised treatments for lasting and effective results.
  • MOVEMENT As keeping moving is fully part of the integrated approach, a fitness area is completing the facility, in a superb luminous space. All journeys include a personalised follow-up approach by the team of coaches. They will understand your aspirations and give personalized advice on how to stay fit and pursue your set objectives.
  • WELLBEING Guests will also relax and recharge. Their wellbeing concerns will be lavishly addressed with scientifically proven treatments and wellness traditions that promote continuous transformation.

North Island Seychelles collaboration

In other news, Clinique La Prairie has also collaborated with North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort in the Seychelles to provide two-week-long detox experiences designed to “harness the power of cellular and nutritional sciences”.

Experts from Clinique La Prairie will be flown in from Switzerland to oversee the “advanced detoxification” treatments that range from heavy metal screening to regenerative wellness and detox nutrition, designed to scientifically purify the body and boost gut microbiomes.North Island spaNorth Island activities will include yoga, guided hikes, tree planting, bike riding, and snorkelling.

The two seven-day programmes will take place later this year, priced at €68,000 for single occupancy and €85,000 for double occupancy.