From DNA testing to stem cell injections, Switzerland’s Clinique La Prairie is at the forefront of the longevity market – particularly pertinent, when the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing people to think about their health and mortality.

Globetrender speaks with CEO Simone Gibertoni and Dr Adrian Heini, doctor of internal and preventative medicine with a specialisation in clinical nutrition, about how to achieve “optimal quality ageing” and life extension through Clinique La Prairie’s cutting-edge, medical hotel-stay programmes.

In what ways is Clinique La Prairie innovative?

Gibertoni says: “The clinic has continuously evolved since 1931 to become a multidisciplinary, expert-led medical facility that specialises in providing world-class preventative medicine, based on cutting-edge science.

Clinique La Prairie offers a unique combination of spa, hospital and hotel in one location, with a wide range of experts, and pioneering and innovative treatments available. Our scientific approach to health, wellness, rejuvenation and longevity, are other factors. Recently, we added a collaboration with Biopôle, a leading Swiss life sciences campus, so we now have our own internal life-science division.

“Revitalisation Premium is the world’s most advanced anti-ageing and longevity treatment to date – an immersive, whole-body, and completely bespoke therapy. In 2018, we were the first wellness clinic to integrate DNA testing into health programmes and since then, genetics have taken an even stronger front seat, with DNA tests forming part of our Revitalisation, Master Detox and Weight Loss programmes, driving the highest level of personalisation possible.

“The clinic’s work has always been based in the life sciences and, because a key part of disease-prevention is diet, the emphasis has recently shifted towards nutritional science. In 2019, the Revitalisation, Master Detox and Beauty programmes have had ‘nutrigenomics’ – the study of the relationship between nutrition, health, and the human genome – and dietary elements added.

“This year, we are launching the new Master Detox programme with a genomic-based method using nutritional science. More will come in this area in the near future. We are also taking a particular interest in research on microbiota, senescent cells and their markers, among other aspects of life science and biology, in an effort to determine how they can be used to promote holistic longevity.

“In terms of regenerative medicine, we offer stem cell treatments and Cell Boost aesthetic courses. You will look and feel years younger after this revolutionary ultra-personalised procedure, dispensed by a team with solid experience in groundbreaking anti-aging and longevity research.

“Innovation in our Medispa means ultra-personalisation. Increasingly, customers are requesting ultra-personalised programmes, as well as lifestyle coaching. CLP meaningfully builds this connection with long-term support and, in the near future, a brand-new supplements range.”Doctor sees virtual images of the patient

What kinds of treatments do you offer to extend lifespan and slow aging?

Dr Heini says: “Clinique La Prairie pioneers in the field of slow and quality ageing. Our Revitalisation programme, fruit of long-standing practice and research, is a natural way to harmonise organ and molecular functions of our body, leading to a greater resistance and a better cell regeneration. It includes natural supplements and extracts, lifestyle modification and targeted spa treatments.

“Our experience shows that a combination of factors are needed to assure optimal quality ageing and eventually an extension of lifespan, a balanced and anti-inflammatory nutrition, including a vegetarian-focused diet, regular physical activity including body balance exercises, good sleep, hygiene and the avoidance of smoking and drugs.

“All our programmes focus on preventative medicine, combined with a holistic healthy living, to contribute to an extended lifespan and slow ageing. Our Beauty stem cell programme provides anti-ageing by skin regeneration – the programme clinically harvests your stem cells and reinjects them to revitalise your face and restore it to a youthful condition.”

How much do these treatments cost?

Gibertoni says: “Revitalisation Premium starts from CHF 40,200 (£33,221) including full board (non-alcoholic beverages) and limousine services from/to the airport or train station.

Revitalisation Programme starts from CHF 25,300 (£20,907) including full board (non-alcoholic beverages) and limousine services from/to the airport or train station.

Stem Cells prices are available on request.

Why are ‘longevity retreats’ a growing trend among luxury travellers?

Gibertoni says: “Today we live a fast-paced life but want to be able to enjoy a longer life with fulfillment and true health. There is also an increasing global consciousness that healthier choices such as veganism can make a difference and this has led to people becoming more health conscious and more willing to proactively take care of their health to live better for longer.

“The last ten years have seen an increasing emphasis on medical wellness as more people tap into advances in science that heal inside and out. Among them, luxury travellers are a demanding clientele who look for authentic premium destinations to experience the best in their wellness journey.”Clinique La Prairie

How much longer do you realistically think human lifespans can be extended, in a best case-scenario?

Dr Heini says: “Projections estimate that a baby born now, in a modern setting, may live up to 135 years. I think that it may be realistic to be living a good quality life up to 100 or so years. This, however, requires a relatively clean environment and the avoidance of obesity and other detrimental trends in our society.”

Why do people in some countries such as Japan live so much longer than others?

Dr Heini says: “This is of course multifactorial. In Japan, the life discipline and the low rate of obesity, as well as the high consumption of antioxidants such as green tea and sea algae contributes. In Mediterranean countries, the fatty-acid balance in favour of omega-3 and mono-unsaturated fatty acids (olive oil) also have an influence.”

What will a client get from CLP that they may not get anywhere else?

Gibertoni says: “A profound change in their health and wellbeing, with long-lasting change. All our programmes, from Revitalisation to Master Detox, Better Sleep to the latest Executive Vitality are designed and delivered with this in mind, with a commitment to bespoke and personal service. Guests benefit from in-depth medical assessments, and deeply engage with physicians and holistic consultants to kick-start a healthier way of life, to relax and recharge, to look and feel younger.”

What kinds of clients do you work with?

Gibertoni says: “The average client for us is 48 years old, however, we are seeing a slight decrease in the average in the last years due to a wider range of programmes on offer at CLP, especially the Master Detox, Weight Management and Better Sleep programmes, which are health and wellbeing concerns for a younger clientele.”

How long would they typically stay?

Gibertoni says: “The majority of our programmes last one week. To have the full benefit, it is important to live this unique experience from the beginning to the end, with a complete medical check-up and safety supervision.”

What changes do you predict for wellness tourism?

Gibertoni says: “The Covid-19 pandemic is leaving its mark and has made people even more aware that health is our true wealth. There is a growing demand for ultra-personalisation, a trend that was already on the rise. Creating innovative therapies and guidance will continue to be the essence and future of wellness.”

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