‘Emily in Paris’ fans can now live out their own fantasy in the French capital on themed trips that bring the hit Netflix show to life. Olivia Palamountain reports

Netflix and startup Dharma are launching exclusive Emily in Paris-themed trips to Paris that will allow fans of the hit series to live vicariously through Emily’s adventures in the French capital.

Tapping into the trend for “Limelight Locations” (a term coined by Globetrender), the immersive four-night experiences will be led by lifestyle influencers or “Emileaders” and will feature events and activities inspired by the show’s colourful spirit and romanticised depiction of Paris.Emily in Paris“We are very excited about our new partnership with Dharma, to create a bold and unique, curated travel experience that will immerse guests in memorable moments from Emily in Paris,” said Marie Marks, senior vice-president of themed experiences at Paramount. “People want to participate in experiences that bring their favorite brands to life in compelling and innovative ways that extend beyond the screen.”

“Series like Emily in Paris make you wish there was a ‘Book This Trip’ button at the end of every episode – that’s the opportunity we see ahead.”

Guests on Dharma’s Emily in Paris’-themed trips can partake in experiences such as private atelier visits, a Sylvie-inspired Masterclass on the art of seduction and a Lillet-Spritz cocktail-making session on one of Paris’ most iconic rooftops.

A shared room on the trip costs from US$2,700 per person, while a single supplement costs from US$3,600 per person.

“We crafted these ‘Paris by Emily’ trips to ensure guests leave Paris with something far more meaningful than just a souvenir beret and some photos. Our core conviction is that the future of travel is not about the where but the why,” said Charaf El Mansouri, CEO at Dharma. “So many of us seek travel experiences that are transformational. Series like Emily in Paris make you wish there was a ‘Book This Trip’ button at the end of every episode – that’s the opportunity we see ahead.”Emily in ParisInes Tazi, the Netflix TV Personality who is the first ambassador to host a “Paris by Emily” trip, said:
“This innovative concept is a brand-new adventure. I love creating bridges between online and offline, fiction and reality. Curating this new experience allows me to share what I cherish about Paris, from fashion and gastronomy to art and history. Just like Emily in Paris, this is an ode to the French capital for culturally curious minds.”Emily in ParisMarylin Fitoussi, costume designer, Emily in Paris, adds: “You can expect a curation of retailers and designers true to the spirit of my work on the show that will excite, delight, and surprise. “Paris by Emily” will capture the essence of Emily Cooper’s fashionable adventures in Paris.”