To encourage guests to travel more sustainably, the Hoxton is offering £20 off room rates for those who arrive by train. Rose Dykins reports

The Hoxton has launched a new room rate that rewards guests who choose to travel more sustainably.

The Good Rate is available for guests staying at two or more of the brand’s hotels in Europe, or catching the train to one of its properties the US.

In Europe, the Hoxton will take £20/€20/$20 off their stay at each location booked as part of a rail trip between more than one of the group’s properties.

Meanwhile, in the US, the Good Rate discount applies to any single stay in Williamsburg, Chicago, Portland or Downtown LA where guests can show they travelled to the hotel by train. The Hoxton Good RateThe Hoxton has created the Good Rate to support travel by rail in response to the significant environmental impact of the travel industry.

A statement from the Hoxton says: “The latest IPCC warning on climate change reminds us that drastic action on a global scale is required to avoid irrevocable damage to the world, but it is also true that small, everyday changes can make a difference.

“The Hoxton has always been in the business of being a good neighbour, from donating winter beds to the homeless communities through its annual ‘Stay for a Stay’ campaign to regular volunteering in partner shelters, and this initiative is the natural next step in strengthening its commitment to taking good actions, both locally and globally.”The Hoxton Good RateThe rise of the slow travel trend combined with a growing awareness of the environmental impact of the travel industry and the shifting consumer habits following the pandemic has helped built the momentum of the European rail industry.

This “railway renaissance” is also supported by wider geopolitical developments, such as the EU’s plans to double high-speed rail traffic by 2030 and France’s recent ban on certain short-haul domestic flight routes, specifically selected as the distances they cover can be travelled by rail in two and a half hours or less.

There have also been recent developments in Europe’s sleeper trains, adding to the romance and vintage appeal of rail travel.

Meanwhile, in the US, the government has announced plans to invest over US$1 billion in transport infrastructure, of which considerable funds will be dedicated to the improvement of the rail network in states including New York and California.The Hoxton Good RateAside from the sentimentality and sense of adventure that many people appreciate about train travel, The Hoxton highlights that rail is the quickest and most convenient way to journey between its existing and upcoming locations, including Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris.

In the US, guests can travel along the West Coast rail route between LA and Portland, taking in natural wonders including forests, valleys and snow-capped mountain ranges.

To take advantage of the Good Rate, guests need to book directly on and show the relevant train ticket at check-in to receive £20/$20/€20 off the stay at each hotel. The Good Rate can be used in conjunction with existing room offers with the Hoxton and promotions, provided both stays are taken consecutively and booked directly through the Hoxton’s website.