Progressive new cocktails are on the menu at the Artesian bar, with sustainable ingredients such as tiger nuts, soil and crickets. Rose Dykins reports

Artesian, the flagship bar at the Langham London hotel, as introduced an innovative new cocktail list called “Ingredients of the Future”.

The new cocktail menu from the luxury hotel features sixteen cocktails. Each one celebrates a single ingredient that has remarkable versatility and adaptability. The idea is to showcase drinks that “taste like a a step towards a healthier planet and a better tomorrow”.

The team at Artesian researched and identified ingredients that met these criteria. They explored vegetables and fruits such as sweet potato, beetroot, mushroom, date, jackfruit and pea, as well as plants and trees, including amaranth, moringa, pandan and nopales. Artesian ingredients of the futureThey also explored some unexpected cocktail ingredients, such as insects, spirulina, soil, tiger nuts, kombu and water.

The end result is a cocktail list with intriguing ingredients and flavours. For example, “Insects” (pictured above) is celebration of the unusual becoming usual, with a whiskey sour with dry and smokey notes, using Michter’s bourbon, Campari, Nixta Corn Liqueur, crickets, chicatanas, coffee and lime.

Meanwhile, “Kombu” combines sweetness and umami. Designed to make you feel like you’re sipping it beside the sea, it is made from Macallan 12, kombu, Oloroso, chocolate wine, martini bitters and Tio Pepe.Artesian ingredients of the futureA fruity option, “Nopales” is bitter and refreshing, combining Roku Gin, Sakura Mancino, cactus leaves, prickly pear and London Essence tonic.Artesian ingredients of the future“Moringa” is a margarita-style drink with herbal notes and a hint of bergamot thanks to its make-up of Casamigos Blanco, Italicus, moringa, lime and aduki beans.Artesian ingredients of the future“Beetroot” is a celebration of the vegetable’s natural sugars – the cocktail has a vivid, peppering taste, combining Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, Asahi, beetroot and Sichuan peppercorn.Artesian ingredients of the futureMeanwhile, “Jackfruit” is a fresh and fruity mocktail, concocted from Everleaf Mountain, Everleaf Forest, Oddbird sparkling rosé, soy milk and jackfruit.Artesian ingredients of the futureIngredients of the Future embodies Artesian’s ethos around modern hospitality, combining imaginative and progressive mixology with refined, effortless style.

The development of the innovative new menu was a collaboration between Artesian’s head bartender Giulia Cuccurullo, bar manager Lorenza Pezzetta, and assistant bar manager Nikos Tachmazis.

Cuccurullo says: “We are excited to launch our new cocktail menu, Ingredients of the Future. As a team we wanted this menu to combine both our creative and progressive mixology approach, whilst also offering the potential to have a positive impact on our world, through a series of future ingredients mixed into delicious and unique cocktails.”