Luxury train British Pullman is elevating its immersive “Moving Murder Mystery” experience by partnering with Private Drama Events. Rose Dykins reports

British Pullman, A Belmond Train has partnered with immersive company Private Drama Events to revamp its onboard murder mystery offering, tapping into the emerging trend for Dramatised Adventures (a term coined by Globetrender).

From March 2023, the British Pullman “Moving Murder Mystery” will be available on a bi-monthly basis until the end of the year (18 trips in total) departing from London Victoria station.British Pullman, A Belmond TrainPrivate Drama Events will create a new onboard show, that pays homage to the likes of Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock.

From the moment passengers step on board, they will be transported to 1951, the year of the Festival of Britain, and a time of contagious optimism in UK history. They’ll piece together clues, navigate dramatic plot twists and become fully immersed in the train’s history.

Uniformed staff will escort guest to their seats, before serving them a glass of champagne and a five-course lunch. The train’s Art Deco carriages will set the scene for the drama that ensues, including the Cygnus train carriage designed by filmmaker Wes Anderson.Wes Anderson Belmond TrainAs the journey begins, murder suspects dressed in costumes made by leading West End creatives will divulge clues. Guests are encouraged to interview the cast throughout the interactive experience, and piece together the information using a bespoke illustrated souvenir brochure – designed by illustrator Emma Rios, who was inspired by the Pleasure Gardens Exhibition Guides, which was published for the Festival of Britain in 1951.

Craig Moffat, general manager of British Pullman, says: “I’m very excited to unveil this elevated “Moving Murder Mystery” in partnership with Private Drama Events next year.British Pullman, A Belmond Train“Together, we successfully designed a story brimming with subtle references to the train’s heritage and craftsmanship, and created intriguing characters whose detailed costumes pay homage to British Pullman’s design features, intricate marquetry, and colourful fabrics.”

Adam Blackwood, creative director and founder Private Drama Events says: “We are thrilled to be partnering with British Pullman to create an unforgettable, luxury and fully immersive experience for the train’s guests.

“Our team has consulted closely with the British Pullman’s team; from creating bespoke costumes which draw inspiration from the original patterns and detailing in the carriages, all the way through to scripting an innovative and intricate mystery that gradually unfolds to reveal true hidden gems from within the Belmond archives.

“This new story is woven from the train’s history, the memories of people who worked or travelled onboard, and even each carriage’s unique personality.”