Luggage brand Rimowa has released NFTs that can be redeemed on physical, limited-edition Original Cabin suitcases. Rose Dykins reports

Rimowa has entered the NFT realm with a collaboration with Nike-owned tech collective RTFKT.

Together, they have launched a collection of 888 limited-edition suitcases that can only be secured by investing in a NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The luggage takes both physical and digital form (hence “phygital”).

The number 888 is considered a lucky number within the crypto currency world, and, with this collaboration, Rimowa is offering an experience that effectively enables people to virtually “mint”  their NFT to obtain a physical suitcase.

Rimowa and RTFKT created a story-driven interactive campaign where crypto fans work together to solve challenges.

Users uncover a Rimowa x RTFKT space station that they must reactivate in order to mint their NFTs. This is followed up by a “forging” event where NFT holders can come and redeem it on a limited-edition Rimowa suitcase.

During this event, a series of metaverse avatar assets created by Rimowa and RTFKT will also be unveiled, and community members will also have the chance to purchase virtual worker bots created by the two companies, which they can use as avatars during their future metaverse visits.RIMOWA x RTFKT WorkerBotsThe Original Cabin suitcase for the Rimowa X RTFKT collaboration has the model’s distinctive grooves and is made from high-end anodised aluminium, making it ultra lightweight.

The special limited-edition Original Cabin case features a silver design with a “Wandersmith” anti-FUD pattern print that is “made for next-gen world builders and explorers”. The case is designed to fit in most planes’ overhead compartments.

The collaboration between Rimowa and RTFKT is an interesting example of how physical brands can capitalise on the opportunities for innovative customer experiences for crypto fans.

By incorporating a customer journey that starts with an online community coming together to mine NFTs, and ends with the physical reward of an exclusive luxury suitcase, plus a virtual asset to be enjoyed in the metaverse, the collaboration adds value and builds customer engagement with Rimowa beyond its physical products.

Benoit Pagotto, co-founder of RTFKT, says: “Working with Rimowa has been a dream of ours since day one. Who wouldn’t be honoured to be able to bring their iconic designs into our world and create a spaceship, robot and travel tools for Web3 builders and hackers? We really put all our passion into this project, while pushing boundaries in terms of the minting experience, 3D space and draw-to-raffle system.”

Another brand that is experimenting with NFTs for physical products is Portguese sneaker brand Diverge, which allows you to buy customise trainers for yourself by choosing a unique colourway, and then buying the NFT of it for about £80. The benefit is, if anyone else buys that colourway and style, you get 10% of the revenue.