A cabin-sized suitcase that has so far generated US$2 million from crowdfunding site Indiegogo claims to be the world’s first example of “smart” luggage.

Sync the high-tech, self-aware Bluesmart case to your smartphone via a free dedicated app, and it will show you how much it weighs thanks to a built-in scale. All you have to do is lift it up by the handle.p7420_press3To help you avoid losing it, the unit has several intelligent security functions – walk too far away from it when out and about, and its proximity sensors will trigger an automatic locking system and send you a message. Step off the train without it, and it will set off an alarm on your phone.

In addition, the Bluesmart will update you with its whereabouts via GPS signals sent to a map on the app, so if it happens to be stolen or go missing after a flight connection, it will be easier to track it down.p7420_press4With an integrated 10,000 mAh battery and two USB ports (one inside and one outside), you can use it to charge your phone, camera, e-book or tablet up to six times when on the road. The Bluesmart app will even give you packing tips depending on where you are travelling to.

Measuring 62cm x 39cm x 26cm, the case has two compartments: one for clothes and shoes; the other for a 15-inch laptop.caseThe Bluesmart is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and an app for the Apple Watch is coming soon. The case is costs £350 from firebox.com in the UK.

This “thinking” suitcase is an example of a product from the new era of connected objects known as the Internet of Things, whereby everyday belongings become “smart” when wired with online communication technology. It’s the beginning of a Brave New World.

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