Fitz’s bar at London’s Kimpton Fitzroy hotel is launching a cocktail experience called the ‘Theory of Colour’, which is inspired by a single work of art. Jenny Southan reports

Is it better to choose a cocktail based on flavour or colour? Scott Gavin, general manager of Fitz’s bar, believes it is the latter. He has curated a menu of 14 cocktails that are all matched to a different treatment of the 1660 artwork “Still Life of a Vase of Flowers” by Nicolaes van Verendael.

Available from May 13, drinkers will be invited to choose the version of the artwork that captures their attention the most. In doing so, they will be given the cocktail matched to it.

After, they will then be handed a UV light pen to illuminate the hidden meaning behind their selection and reveal a personality trait of theirs, reflected by their choice of artwork.Fitz's barThe menu was inspired by Scott’s interest in colour psychology and the impact it has on food and drink choices.

Warm colours like red, yellow and orange evoke stronger emotions such as love and happiness, and cool colours like blue, green and purple are linked to calmness and serenity. Fitz's bar Fitz's barColours can trigger states and emotions; hence they will influence choices – even when it comes to cocktails.

Scott says: “The Theory of Colour will be an interactive experience for guests from start to finish, where they will be able to explore how their choices are impacted by colour and how this relates to qualities or personality traits within them. The concept is something that I’ve been wanting to execute for a long time.”

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