Leading global hallucinogenics company, Silo Wellness, has announced three new magic mushroom-assisted retreats in Jamaica to accommodate increased demand for psychedelic tourism. Jenny Southan reports

Silo Wellness has unveiled a series of psilocybin-assisted wellness retreats for 2022. Hosted in Jamaica’s Good Hope Villas in Trelawny parish, the retreats follow the “successful roll-out of Silo Wellness’s 2021 retreat offerings” and are “designed to accommodate strong demand for psychedelic tourism on the island”.

The emerging trend for Psychedelic Retreats was identified and explored in depth in the debut issue of Globetrender’s premium VOLT newsletter, which you can read here, in April 2021. Since then, the trend has been covered by many mainstream media publications, from The Guardian to The New York Times.

Silo Wellness is a leading psilocybin cultivator and facilitator of psychedelic retreats in Jamaica, a jurisdiction where the cultivation, extraction, and consumption of psilocybin mushrooms are not illegal. The company works closely with the island’s Indigenous Rastafarian community to implement and facilitate psilocybin retreats.Silo Wellness RetreatIn March 2021, Silo Wellness announced a multi-year licensing agreement with the family of legendary musician Bob Marley for the exclusive worldwide rights to brand, market and sell a distinct product line of functional and psychedelic mushrooms called Marley One.

Douglas K Gordon, CEO of Silo Wellness, says: “We are witnessing the rise of a new category in travel, dubbed ‘psychedelic tourism’. The feedback we’ve received from our psychedelic retreat attendees has been both inspiring and humbling.

“Across the globe, people are recognising the potential of psychedelic mushrooms and are eager to have those experiences. At Silo Wellness, we believe everyone has the right to access nature’s bounty of plants and fungi, and we’re proud to make this a reality through our latest curation of wellness retreats.”

Each psilocybin-assisted retreat presents a tailored offering for distinct audiences and interests, incorporating psychedelic mushrooms for heightened self-discovery and inner growth. Prices range from US$3,150 to US$4,595 per retreat with dates and themes as follows…Silo Wellness Retreat


January 31, 2022 – February 4, 2022 (US$3,150 – US$4,595)

This five-day/four-night psilocybin-assisted retreat is centered around purpose. Discover a safe space for reflection and expansion into your best self under the guidance of our seasoned retreat leaders.

PURPOSE retreat attendees will receive a free Marley One “One Mind” functional mushroom tincture sent in advance of the date, as well as a signed copy of PURPOSE by Jessica Huie, acclaimed author and founder of The Purpose Academy.

Unlock Your Power – Women’s Retreat

March 28, 2022 – April 1, 2022 (US$3,150 – US$4,595)

This five-day/four-night psilocybin-assisted retreat will support you in embodying your divine feminine energy, owning your power unapologetically, and creating the life you truly desire. Surround yourself with a circle of women on the beautiful island of Jamaica for reconnection and relaxation – and emerge deeply connected to who you are.

Expect daily yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions alongside psilocybin-facilitated ceremonies and rituals designed to encourage transformational self-enquiry and revitalise you from the inside out.Silo Wellness Retreat

Liberate Your Creativity Retreat

May 16, 2022 – May 20, 2022 (US$3,150 – US$4,595)

Liberate Your Creativity is an invitation to remember, to return to the Self with the profound guidance and insight of psychedelic mushrooms, in a powerful five-day/ four-night retreat designed to liberate the artist, musician, and/or writer within.

Inexperienced and professional creatives alike are welcome to allow their inner child to play. Expect creative writing workshops, musical sessions around the bonfire, and psilocybin-assisted ceremonies to shed light on that which you are ready to see.

“The leadership and involvement of the local Rastafarian community made these experiences all the more special,” said one retreat attendee.

“It felt as if we were being grafted into an ancient knowing, gently being guided home to ourselves and Mother Earth. These experiences and interactions have set me on a new trajectory in life. I know my place in this universe, and I owe it to every single person who made it happen.”Silo Wellness RetreatSilo Wellness is a growth-oriented holding company focused on functional mushroom and psychedelic opportunities that benefit from a unified ecosystem and exceptional leadership. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Toronto, Silo Wellness has operations in Jamaica and Oregon.

Each guest is subject to screening and approval by facilitators, and no medical treatment or psychotherapy is offered or available at the retreat. Mushrooms and these retreats do not cure or mitigate any physical or mental disease, symptoms, disorders, or abnormalities.

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