Research from premium health insurer Bupa Global has identified a trend among high-net-worth individuals for investing in preventive health measures to extend their lifespan. Jenny Southan reports

According to a Bupa Global survey of 252 UK-based people with assets/income of £1 million or more, the UK’s wealthiest people are striving to remain “at their peak” for longer as they aim to stave off illness and old age.

Spending an average of £120,000 on health over the past 18 months, they are aiming to lengthen their lifespans by up to ten years.

Influenced by celebrity fitness plans and a desire to keep up with peers, the monied elite are investing in cutting-edge treatments such as cryotherapy, genetic testing and CBD treatments to vitamin therapy, sleep consultancy and wellbeing retreats.

More than one in ten (11%) have undergone a “health MOT” in order to make improvements and three quarters (75 per cent) have made significant dietary changes, from going keto or paleo to intermittent fasting.

Bupa says the “Goop” effect has prompted this newfound focus on health for more than half (52 per cent) of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), while a similar number operate in a competitive environment where it’s important to be at their best (56 per cent).

62 per cent say they try to maintain good health to be more effective at their job. 36% believe exercising enables them to stay at their peak, while a similar number rely on work-life balance (34%) and drinking water to achieve optimum wellness. 39% avoid stimulants.

In addition to investing in preventive health treatments, while they’re not going quite as far as Mark Wahlberg’s infamous 2:40am wake up or working out at 3am in the morning, HNWIs have revealed how they divide their time to stay at their best…

The daily formula for maintaining peak performance?

How HNWIs to stay at their best

5 hours of sleep
1.5 hours of expanding the mind
80 minutes of family time
1 hour of exercise
50 minutes of meditation
45 minutes of personal grooming

Neil Kirby, marketing director of private client by Bupa, says: “It’s been interesting to see a proactive turn amongst high-net-worth-individuals to achieve optimum health for their career performance, as well as for their personal wellbeing.

“Through our research and speaking to customers directly we can see a newfound respect for holistic wellbeing and an open-mindedness towards alternative therapies, such as vitamin therapies and wellness retreats, which has been the driving force behind our new proposition.

“As insurers we have a responsibility to adapt with the market we serve, and Private Client by Bupa marks a needed shift in the industry to provide this kind of comprehensive care and support for high-net-worth customers.”

What’s coming next? Trend reports available to download HERE