Travel search engine Kayak has integrated ChatGPT into its ‘Best Time to Travel’ tool to enhance recommendations. Jenny Southan reports

Following the example of Expedia and Tripadvisor, Kayak has integrated ChatGPT into its Best Time to Travel tool.

Now travellers can easily compare prices based on weather data, local cultural events, hotel and flight prices to determine the best time to book, with the platform suggesting alternative months to consider for less expensive travel.

“Actually, there is a perfect time to go on your vacation. Our Best Time to Travel tool uses your origin, destination and length of trip to determine when you should travel and when to book for a great price,” states Kayak on its website.

With thousands of itineraries to choose from, Best Time to Travel greatly simplifies the search process and saves users a lot of time when planning their trip and helps them find the best time to visit their chosen destination for not only the best prices.Kayak ChatGPTFor example, when searching for the best time to go to the Maldives (when flying from London) for one week, it suggests travelling in January when flights are priced from £641 and the weather is 28°C.

The platform says: “Visit in February for a close second. Enjoy similar tropical weather at 28°C but with significantly less rain. Explore attractions like snorkelling in the beautiful sea life, or visit the Historic Mosque. Keep in mind though, flight prices are slightly steeper, about 1.5% higher compared to January.”

To determine the best time for the desired destination, Kayak’s travel search engine uses data from billions of search queries to predict flight prices up to nine months in advance. The recommendation of the optimal month to travel takes into account the popularity of the destination, average temperature and average rainfall.

Now enriched with information from ChatGPT, the Kayak tool expands its travel recommendations to include local cultural events and unique travel experiences.

ChatGPT allows Best Time To Travel users to receive a second recommendation focused on events or festivals in the destination of their choice, whether it’s New Year’s Eve in New York’s Times Square or the traditional Loi Krathong festival in Thailand

This integration follows Kayak’s ChatGPT plug-in that launched earlier this year. The integration offers people a virtual travel assistant to allow more conversational interactions with Kayak’s search engine. By simply typing in natural language travel queries, like “Where can I fly to from London for under £300 in April”, users can now receive personalised recommendations based on their search criteria and Kayak’s historical travel data.

Annie Wilson, Kayak’s chief commercial officer, says: “Today’s travellers want to know as much as possible before they set off on their trip, so they can get the best experience that suits their budget. Thanks to our new Best Time to Travel service and the recent integration of ChatGPT, there’s no need to guess or rely solely on the opinions from friends or acquaintances when it comes to travel planning. We’re giving every traveller the power of data-driven travel information and recommendations so they can book every trip with confidence.”