Tripadvisor has unveiled an AI-powered travel itinerary generator that aims to re-imagine the way travellers plan, share and book trips. Olivia Palamountain reports

Would you trust Tripadvisor to plan your next holiday? The travel guidance platform is gearing up to do just that, with the launch of a new artificial intelligence-powered feature that creates custom travel itineraries for users.

The new itinerary generator, currently in public beta, utilises OpenAI’s generative AI to craft personalised, day-by-day trip plans based on the destination, dates, travel party and interests entered by the user.

It draws on Tripadvisor’s extensive database of more than a billion reviews and opinions to make reliable recommendations tailored to each trip, focused on generating experience, attraction and dining recommendations.

“Tripadvisor was built on travellers helping travellers,” says CEO Matt Goldberg. “By harnessing AI, we can unlock the full potential of our unparalleled data to offer truly unique travel guidance.”

It joins an exploding slew of AI-powered travel planning tools, including AdventureGenie, the world’s first RV and camping travel planning AI-aid and Expedia’s in-app travel planning experience powered by ChatGPT.

The Tripadvisor version asks users to provide details such as the destination city, travel dates, group size and preferred activities. Within seconds, they receive a full multi-day itinerary to view, save, edit and share.

The itineraries include personalised recommendations for experiences, attractions, restaurants, and other trip details informed by Tripadvisor’s community content. Users can continue to engage with reviews, opinions, photos, and more as they finalise plans.

The AI feature is currently only available in the US through desktop and mobile web, however the company plans to expand availability to more markets and its apps.

“We know our community is passionate about trip planning, so we wanted to enhance that experience, not replace it,” says chief product officer Sanjay Raman. “AI has helped us combine personalized recommendations and insights from fellow travelers in a really compelling way.”

US users can access the updated Tripadvisor Trips experience with AI itinerary generator here and enjoy improved personalisation and expanded planning tools over the next few months in line with user feedback.