Roam will harness local expertise and insider knowledge in Saudi Arabia so luxury travellers can ‘experience the unexperienced’. Rose Dykins reports

Roam, a new destination management company (DMC), has launched in the the kingdom of Saudi Arabia offering luxury travel and transportation, explorations, curated events and VIP guest management support.

Founded with expertise from parent companies Pelorus and Cool Inc, Roam will enable travellers to explore Saudi Arabia like never before and “experience the unexperienced”.

Roam will harness the expertise and insider knowledge of Cool Inc and Pelorus, both trailblazers for world-class luxury lifestyle experiences. The partnership will unveil a wealth of luxury travel options, allowing untapped areas of the region to be explored by travellers more deeply than ever before.

The DMC will activate seasonal destinations and experiences throughout the year, starting with Al Ula, Riyadh, Jeddah, Taif, Al Baha and Tanomah, with other locations to come.

Combining Cool Inc’s unique brand partnerships and insider knowledge of the luxury lifestyle scene in Saudi Arabia, with Pelorus’s extensive global expertise curating bespoke travel and yachting experiences, Roam will be well-positioned to offer opulent packages to its guests.

From this month, Roam will launch its new concept of luxurious mobile camps in Taif. The camp concept will then move across the Kingdom every eight to 12 weeks, allowing travellers to experience lesser-known regions of Saudi Arabia, without having to compromise on comfort or indulgence.

Luxury camping under the Kingdom’s stars exemplifies the kind of experiences Roam can offer – which comprise bespoke travel, brand experiences and events, VIP transportation and tourism products – each one designed to bring “unparalleled luxury”.

The bespoke travel branch of Roam will include tours, booking accommodation, luxury transportation, aviation, and world-class concierge services. Brand experiences and events will oversee activations, launches and celebrations of luxury brands, as well as VIP management.

For Roam’s VIP transportation offering, a fleet of luxury vehicles will be available to support inbound tour operations and client services across Saudi Arabia. Finally, the products exclusively on offer through Roam will include mobile camps, day camps, e-buggies and quads, and private dining experiences in unique locations across the Kingdom. Roam will aim to launch 10-20 tourism products every year.

Since 2016, Saudi Arabia  has been working towards Vision 2030, a strategic framework for the Kingdom with the intention of creating a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation. Roam reflects this mission and exists to elevate traveller journeys at locations within the Kingdom, opening new ways to explore, as well as offering completely new luxury travel experiences.

Roam, Cool Inc and Pelorus are committed to creating new job opportunities for the citizens of Saudi Arabia and celebrating its wealth of talent by offering roles that are both empowering and inclusive.

Stuart McNair, managing director at Roam, says: “It is an honour to be working with Cool Inc and Pelorus on this exciting new company, ROAM, working with our young and enthusiastic Saudi talent as we contribute to the growth of the Saudi tourism ecosystem.”

He adds: “Travel and tourism in Saudi is arguably one of the most exciting industries to be in right now. We cannot wait to welcome you on one of our tours, in our cars, at our events and event at our camps. Get ready for some life-enriching fun and adventure.”

Sinan Al Saady, founder and group CEO at Cool Inc, adds: “It’s a privilege to introduce Roam into the market. Designed to showcase the Kingdom and all of its hidden gems, Roam brings together every experience within the Cool Inc ecosystem.”