Spearheading the “Anti-Plastic Hospitality” trend, Corona has teamed up with nonprofit Oceanic Global to create a sustainable paradise off the coast of Colombia. Rose Dykins reports

Last this year, beer brand Corona will launch its own sustainable tourism destination – Corona Island. Situated off the coast of Colombia, Corona Island will be free from single-use plastic and will offer various ways for guests to reconnect with the natural world such as beach yoga, snorkelling and kayaking.

For the launch of Corona Island, the beer brand has partnered with Oceanic Global, a nonprofit that highlights humanity’s essential relationship with the ocean and facilitates positive change.

The design and vision for Corona Island was led by international firm James and Mau in partnership with Colombian architect Jairo Marquez.

Visitors will enjoy food created by Chilean chef Christopher Carpentier, who has featured as a judge on MasterChef Colombia.

They will also experience the island’s leisure programmes, which have been curated by former Miss Universe winner, Paulina Vega, who was born off the Colombian coast. Oceanic Global will also host its Blue School educational workshop and excursions on the island.

Corona Island is part of Corona’s on-going efforts to reduce plastic pollution. The beer brand became the first global beverage brand with a net-zero plastic footprint, and in 2017, it began a partnership with Parley for the Oceans on a mission to protect 100 islands before 2020.

This mission has been successful, and the brand is now running a campaign to clean up more than 100 beaches and remove a million pounds of plastic from its business and beaches by 2025.

Corona Island has achieved Oceanic Global’s three-star plastic-free Blue Standard seal through eliminating single-use plastics, and for implementing sustainable best practices at scale in its operations. This involves placing sustainable planning at the heart of construction methods, energy production, food sourcing, and guest experiences.

“On Corona Island, we are celebrating the majesty and beauty of the outdoors by getting guests engaged in protecting paradise,” says Felipe Ambra, global vice president for Corona.

“Everyone on the team, from our chefs to our architects contributed to creating a truly single-use plastic-free paradise. We look forward to welcoming visitors, rekindling their relationship with nature and hopefully creating more advocates to protect our natural world.”

Lea d’Auriol, founder and executive director at Oceanic Global, says: “Oceanic Global is honoured to help develop the Corona Island experience and applauds Corona’s sector-leading sustainability efforts. We’re proud to have worked with Corona from the beginning of the project to ensure that this sustainable destination demonstrates how travellers can experience paradise for both leisure and educational purposes, while leaving a minimal trace behind.”