Designed to “capture the bold optimistic spirit of Millennials and Gen Z”, Ying’nFlo is a new upper midscale hospitality brand from Langham. But who came up with that name? Jenny Southan reports

Ever since Globetrender published its Gen Z Horizons trend report back in 2019, we have been encouraging travel and hospitality companies to put more effort into catering to this emerging demographic people in their teens and early twenties.

Getting it right isn’t easy, though. Ying’nFlo is a new youth-orientated sub-brand brand from Hong Kong-based Langham Hospitality Group, which also has Langham Hotels and Resorts Cordis Hotels and Resorts.

Making it debut in the district of Wanchai, Hong Kong, in October 2022, apparently there are plans for Ying’nFlo hotels to expand “rapidly” in the region. Coming next will be one in Xiamen.

Ying’nFlo is described as a taking a “sociable lifestyle approach” to hospitality, “accented with emerging music and art, geared at capturing the bold optimistic spirit of Millennials and Gen Zers across the globe”.Ying’nFloIs this just a vain attempt from Generation X to appeal to young people and try to sound cool? Let’s look at the product…

Designed to feell like a friend’s apartment, stays include “brilliant basics” such as a powerful shower, comfy bed, fast and reliable wifi, Smart TVs with streaming services, a laundry station, great coffee and breakfast. There are also rooms for people with pets.Ying’nFloA dedicated app lets guests control the television, air conditioning and lighting from their smartphone (because young people live through their phones).

It also includes a messaging function for in-house services, making requests and getting in touch with staff before arrival, presumably because people under 40 don’t like making phone calls. Guests can also check-in, open their room door, and charge their vending machine or cafe purchases to their room using the app.

In terms of art and music, the hotel plays curated playlists that are available on Spotify, and the Hong Kong property has a colourful outdoor mural by Berlin-based artist, Josephine Rais.Ying’nFloBrett Butcher, chief executive officer for Langham Hospitality Group, says: “Ying’nFlo is a bold colourful canvas for the younger urban travellers, at an affordable price. It’s a smart guest experience for a generation that has grown up with digital. The concept combines simple stylish design with brilliant basics which are efficiently executed with a strong social vibe.

“We will locate Ying’nFlo in destinations where our guests want to travel. These locations would be the front door to cultural, entertainment and tech hub districts. There is a strong opportunity to grow Ying’nFlo in Asia-Pacific and beyond where 50 per cent of the population are millennials or Gen Zers.”

Interiors have been deliberately designed to look good on Instagram (Globetrender thinks they have done a good job of this, judging by the images), as well as be multi-functional.Ying’nFlo Ying’nFlo Ying’nFlo Ying’nFlo Ying’nFloFor example, Midi bedrooms have lounge areas and kitchenettes, while café-style lobbies and flexible workspaces provide opportunities for “spontaneous interaction” and “creative meetings”. Some properties will offer bike share services and retro table games in the House of Ying’nFlo.Ying’nFlo Ying’nFloButcher says: “In an ever-changing digital era, the Millennials and GenZers are hyperconnected digital natives. who are seeking a level of personalisation, authenticity, and digital touchpoints from a hospitality brand that they can call their own. Ying’nFlo offers this with a level of comfort and relaxation which gives this new generation of globally-minded adventure seekers room to explore their creativity.”

We look forward to checking in, and going with the flow…