Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways has partnered with Armani/Casa to provide business class passengers with plates, cutlery, glassware and even bedding designed by Giorgio Armani. Jenny Southan reports

Launching onboard flights in December 2022, the new Armani/Casa homeware range is part of a “unique vision” to further elevate Etihad’s business class cabin for high-paying flyers. It’s also an interesting example of how clever brand collaborations are being implemented by the luxury travel industry.

Echoing the experience that restaurant diners would get on the ground, the tie-up sees the introduction of Armani/Casa’s “Constellation Collection” of tableware to Etihad passengers in the air. (Globetrender wonders if there will also be an easy way to buy the pieces – perhaps through frequent flyer points?)

Here is a fluffy PR description: “The dining service features refined silhouettes with elevated contemporary finishes, mixed materials and embossed patterns. The use of multiple textures represents the cultural diversity of the UAE.

“The colour palette reflects the surroundings of Abu Dhabi; dark green inspired by the region’s date palm trees, aquamarine representing the beauty of the mangroves and slate to symbolise the modernity of the iconic Abu Dhabi skyline.”Etihad x Armani/Casa Etihad x Armani/Casa Etihad x Armani/Casa Etihad x Armani/Casa Etihad x Armani/Casa Etihad x Armani/Casa Etihad x Armani/CasaEtihad x Armani/Casa Etihad x Armani/Casa Etihad x Armani/CasaThere will also be a matching pillowcase and duvet set with Armani/Casa signature designs. (On longer flights, passengers will also be given one of the airline’s new memory foam mattresses to sleep on.)Etihad x Armani/CasaTony Douglas, group chief executive officer for Etihad, says: “Today we unveil a completely new and elevated way to fly with Etihad Airways – an experience defined by our Emirati heritage yet shaped by a clear vision for our future.

“Known globally for its Italian luxury and elegance, Armani/Casa is the ideal brand partner to create an unparalleled level of bespoke service and refinement for our guests.”

Apparently, the collection has also been designed in line with the airline’s “commitment to sustainability”. Etihad says: “Durable, high-quality material and innovative designs have reduced equipment weight by up to 10 per cent, resulting in less fuel burn and fewer emissions.” (The heavier the plane is, the more fuel it consumes.)