The striking Zion superyacht features a 180-degree viewing dome, a beach club, and a glass-bottomed infinity pool. Rose Dykins reports

If you spotted the Zion superyacht gliding along the horizon, you’d be forgiven for thinking a gigantic squid was emerging from the deep.

Conceived by Goan yacht design studio Bhushan Powar Design, the otherworldly superyacht takes inspiration from “the most mysterious yet beautiful phenomenon of the whole universe – black hole – which attracts energy”.

The design firm says that nature is the “guiding principle for the design of everything that surrounds us, we look for something in it that allows us to define ourselves”.

Zion’s distinctive dome-shaped “glass eye” functions as a 180-degree viewing gallery for passengers on its main deck. On the same deck, there is also a master suite, with electrically operated balconies on either side.Zion superyacht © Bhusan Powar DesignAside from its original “eye” feature, Zion is decked out with a glass-bottomed infinity pool on the main deck, which leads onto a dining area.

The 110-metre-long superyacht also has a flybridge on its upper deck for relaxing in all types of weather conditions, and there is also a 12-metre helipad on the same level, accessible via a  column glass elevator that whisks passengers between decks.

Zion superyacht © Bhushan Powar DesignThe lower deck of Zion features a beach club with expandable sunbathing space, as well as a gym, a garden area, and a tender garage for tender boats and jet skis.

Zion can host 20 passengers in its ten luxurious rooms and has accommodation for 20 crew members.

Zion superyacht © Bhusan Powar DesignThe estimated price tag for Zion is between US$500 million and US$600 million. The eye-catching yacht remains a concept for now, but will hopefully become a reality and set sail in the future.

Bhushan Powar Design is the first luxury yacht design studio in India. “We strive to achieve a balance of problem-solving solutions with environment-friendly designs and, of course, opulence and luxury,” reads the company’s website. “We also pride ourselves on creating unique designs that are tailored to our clients’ vision without compromising on quality and performance.”

The company says its designs are inspired by the natural beauty of India’s coast and surrounding seascapes: “With such vast and gorgeous coastlines on either side of our beautiful country, we couldn’t help but notice that India lacked a luxury yacht industry. Our design studio is based in Goa, where the Arabian Sea also directly influences and inspires us and our innovation and creativity.”