Opening early 2023, Yoko Village will be a residential remote work utopia in the Costa Rican jungle, complete with high-end villas, private offices and edible walking trails. Jenny Southan reports

Designed for adventurous remote workers who want to work in the morning and surf in the afternoon, Yoko Village will be located in Santa Teresa, in a “nature-rich, bio-diverse property with panoramic ocean views”. Spread across 40 hectares in the hills of the Costa Rican jungle, Yoko Village aims to provide a balance between work, wellness and living.

Plans for the project include the construction of more than 40 two-, three-, and four-bedroom villas with en suite bathrooms and private decks. Yoko VillageThere will also be access to on-site communal amenities such as a tech-enabled community co-working centre, private office spaces, creative playgrounds, a yoga deck, gym, pool, restaurant, edible walking trails, communal gardens and a spiritual centre.Yoko Village

Yoko Village ownership offers the opportunity to purchase villas in a secure international community. All common areas, co-working spaces, facilities, roads, and communal gardens are maintained year-round by management and are included in the monthly HOA fees.
Yoko Village
In addition to property maintenance, residents also have the option of short term rental management for their properties, allowing owners to subsidise their investment and support a remote live/work lifestyle.Yoko Village
The website states: “The Yoko Village community is a mix of freelance entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, nationalities, industries, and age groups. We have creatives, creators, doctors, agency owners, startup founders, wellness coaches, environmental and sustainability experts, entrepreneurs, early retirees, and more.”Yoko Village
Liran Rosenfeld, founder of Yoko Village, says: “Yoko Village is centered around the well-being of its residents, while focusing on building a creative and productive co-working community. We understand the business needs of remote workers, providing a perfectly balanced work and home environment.”Yoko Village
Designed by female architect, Serrana Robledo, the plans place a high priority on thoughtful architecture taking care to work with and support the natural environment. The founding team advocates for the environment and local preservation by spearheading a reforestation campaign and incorporating sustainable practices such as rainwater harvesting, the construction of minimally impactful structures and a zero-plastic policy.Yoko Village

Yoko Village says it will “gather an array of well-travelled community members who have traded city streets for breathtaking ocean views, spectacular sunsets, natural resources, and serenity”.

It says: “The diverse environment sets the stage for digital nomads, families and entrepreneurs to plant roots in paradise where they can prioritise wellness, have access to the outdoors, and celebrate culture, all while enjoying high standards of living and meeting the professional needs of remote work.”