Njord by Bergman Design House has transformed the interiors of the 56-metre Benetti Galaxy superyacht, which features a multi-sensory saloon, meditation space and private music studio, among other innovations. Jenny Southan reports

Having stepped aboard a number of superyachts in my capacity as a journalist, I can attest to the fact that most of them have pretty boring interiors, indicating that owners have more money than taste (or vision). However, the Galaxy is an exception.

Completed by Njord by Bergman Design House in February 2022, after a high-speed five-month refit (normally a project like this would take a minimum of 18 months), the Galaxy has taken inspiration from the cosmos for its interior design.

Apparently the client wanted to create a “spaceship to entertain yet also call home”. Step aboard and you will discover a private nightclub that turns into a multi-sensory saloon and cinema room. There is also a meditation and wellness space, private party deck, private music studio, and even a “touch-and-go” helipad.Galaxy Yacht Galaxy Yacht Galaxy Yacht Galaxy YachtOther notable design features include “The Thinker”, a golden astronaut sculpture by Joseph Kibansky, and a wall covering by Dylan Cole, the artist renowned for creating the world of Disney’s Avatar, Maleficent and Superman.

Designing the clients’ own “Pandora World” aboard Galaxy, this once-in-a-lifetime commission was the first ever yacht project Cole has created. The wall covering covers the whole main saloon, which serves as a relaxation and yoga space by day, and the owners’ very own private members club deck for entertaining by night.Galaxy Yacht Galaxy Yacht Galaxy Yacht Galaxy YachtAll materials used are from natural elements such as rock crystal and fully sustainable fabrics. The wood used in the flooring was specially selected to mimic the sensation of waves beneath the feet and enhance the senses. The furniture is completely organic, designed by Njord and produced by BlackBerg Collection.Galaxy Yacht Galaxy Yacht Galaxy YachtGalaxy’s owner said in a statement: “Working with Njord by Bergman Design House has been an incredible journey. They truly understood what we wanted and delivered it in record time and on a grander scale than we could have ever imagined.

“The design exceeded our expectations and the day we got the ‘keys’ to Galaxy it became our home and not our yacht because of all the changes that made it ours. Our favourite room is the avatar room, where we regularly throw dance parties and the snug. We climb in there, shut the door, and the world just disappears.”Galaxy Yacht Galaxy Yacht Galaxy Yacht Galaxy YachtNjord co-founder, Sarah Colbon, says: “Galaxy is no longer just another white Superyacht gracing the ocean along the French Riviera, she has been transformed into the private owners’ own floating universe, a home which encapsulates their lifestyle and a design that has never been done before onboard a yacht of this kind.

“Galaxy is now a destination, a marvel that touches all your body’s senses and excites and embraces you with its energy during each step you take onboard. Galaxy will now transport her new owners into another dimension.”