In spite of the fact that art galleries are accessible to almost everyone, specialist travel company Ariodante has designed a hyper-elite Picasso-themed tour that gives a ‘unique insight into the artist’s genius’. Jenny Southan reports

Similar to the “enlightenment trips” offered by luxury educational travel start-up The Luminaire, Ariodante is advertising a new ten-day tour that will explore the life, work, and legacy of Pablo Picasso. But it will cost £450,000 based on a group of up to six people (£75,000 each).

That’s a lot of money… I did a project on Picasso’s Cubism at college and learnt a lot from copying his paintings and studying his work at galleries, many of which are free to enter, on a budget Inter Rail trip around Europe. All in all it probably cost me £1k for a month, including accommodation and food (20 years ago).

So what do you get for your money with Ariodante? Stays in luxury hotels, for a start. In addition, participants will meet with some of the world’s most renowned Picasso experts, members of the artist’s family, associates, and other respected artists, as well as enjoying amazing gastronomic experiences and wine tasting events.

Crossing several countries, the trip aims to give a “unique insight into the artist’s genius, his influences and how he inspired others through his work”.

The tour will begin in Paris with a private visit to the Picasso Museum and “backstage visit” to the Georges Pompidou Museum, where guests will have access to artworks never before seen on display.

Guests will also visit his former flat in Montmartre where he lived with his mistress and have a private lunch arranged in the ballroom where the artist married, prepared by a three Michelin-starred chef.

From Paris, the tour will continue in French Rivera, where Picasso spent his later years (and also died). There will be a private visit to the Picasso and Matisse museums, the opportunity to view an important personal collection of art and access to a selection of private properties connected to Picasso’s life and work, followed by a spectacular private dinner inside the Picasso Chapel.

Guests will then sail on a yacht to Barcelona, where they will explore Picasso’s “Blue” period, before continuing onwards to Malaga, Picasso’s birthplace. From Malaga, guests will fly to Madrid where they will have two “money can’t buy experiences”, including a rare visit to the Royal Fine Arts Academy, where Picasso studied and became a director.

Each trip by Ariodante is created from scratch and customised to the personal interests of its group. They are also double carbon offset on behalf of customers.