With help from ‘time design expert’ James Wallman, Air Charter Service has launched a series of two-week ‘Time Well Spent’ private jet itineraries that are hugely more efficient than flying commercial. Jenny Southan reports

After months of lockdown, global aircraft charter provider Air Charter Service is seeking to help the wealthy elite make up for lost time with a new series of innovative private jet itineraries that minimise time in the air, while maximising time on the ground.

Created in collaboration with James Wallman, time design expert and best-selling author of Time And How To Spend It, the multi-destination itineraries are only possible by private jet.

The two-week “Journey To The End Of The World” trip sees the use of a private jet shaving off 85 per cent of the total travel time, with 23 hours spent on a private jet versus 163 hours travelling by commercial airlines. Stop-offs include Easter Island, Patagonia, Chile and the Bolivian salt flats.

A second two-week trip called “Across The Top Of The World” takes clients to Lofoten, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard and Octola in Finland, saving 80 per cent of total travel time, with 11 hours by private jet versus 55 hours with commercial airlines.

James Wallman says: “This series of itineraries is based on the STORIES framework from my book so that travellers who select these itineraries will not only take a break from their norm, but will embark on a life-affirming journey that provides them with show-stopping memories and stories.

“The ‘STORIES’ checklist stands for Story, Transformation, Outside & Offline, Relationships, Intensity, Extraordinary, and Status & Significance – a trip based on this checklist ensures you are adding to your personal development and avoiding ‘empty’ experiences.”

Gavin Copus, global business development director at Air Charter Service, says: “Working to your own schedule by flying by private jet, a stop at Easter Island will be free of unnecessary downtime, where you can head straight to the airport after catching the sunset.

“Likewise, at the salt flats, guests will fly directly into Uyuni, saving around 24 hours’ travel time via commercial airlines, where you would probably have to fly through Santa Cruz with additional night stops.

“Magical highlights that are only made possible by private jet include timing the flight between Temuco and Ushaia so that passengers arrive at Ushaia at sunset, observing the Andes Mountains on the portside of the plane in the light of the setting sun.

“Moreover, when travelling from Puerto Natales to Santiago, the schedule is purposefully set through private aviation so that travellers can stop off at the Perito Moreno glacier – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that towers over the water.

“This would usually take 48 hours by scheduled flight and would entail a four- to five-hour stop at El Calafate, as we are able to see something that would not even be possible if flying commercially.

“Through private aviation and supported by James Wallman’s STORIES time design, we can visit extraordinary destinations in a shorter space of time – but in a more comfortable, direct manner.”

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