London-based aviation enthusiast William Simpson reveals stunning ‘avgeek’ Instagram accounts that cast plane-spotting in a whole new light.

Visit any international airport on any given day, and the perimeter fence will likely be surrounded by some of the world’s most advanced photographic equipment, from telescopic lenses to high-tech tripods.

Many avgeeks are also lucky enough to work airside – as cabin crew or aircraft engineers, for example – allowing them unprecedented access to the runways, aprons and aircraft interiors, ripe for Instagramming.

Most would assume this realm of the plane-spotter is devoid of creativity, but the truth is, avgeeks have long had a flair for photography.

These days, many have now gained a huge following on social media, with Instagram the home of 1.4-million #avgeek hashtags, with #tailtuesday and #wingwednesday providing the  weekly fixes of in-flight entertainment.

Aviation photography, or #avphtography, has always had the power to inspire and elevate, and now a new generation of photographers is changing this traditionally geeky pursuit into something much more glamorous.

Here are five of the best avgeek Instagrammers you need to follow…

1. Lairdkay
The undisputed king of artistic aviation photography. Laird has practised his art out of Toronto Pearson International airport and has even launched his own clothing line, inspired by his images.

A photo posted by Laird Kay (@lairdkay) on

A photo posted by Laird Kay (@lairdkay) on

2. Riosxo
Based out of Chicago, Riosxo, mixes hyperlapse and slo-mo video with sound to create some of the most striking up close video shorts.

A video posted by @riosxo on

3. Jamescarrollla
Some of the most incredible landing shots ever taken from LAX. One can only imagine how big his lens is.

4. Springbok97 This young engineer is based out of Heathrow, giving him access to all areas of one of the world’s busiest airports.

5. Naildurak Executive jets are the theme of Nail’s incredible feed. How the 1 per cent travel…

A photo posted by Nail Durak 🎭 (@naildurak) on

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