The Social Hub San Sebastián features extended-stay hotel rooms, workspaces, a rooftop pool and communal kitchen. Olivia Palamountain reports

Amsterdam-based hybrid hospitality the Social Hub unveiled its co-working hotel concept in the vibrant city of San Sebastián in February 2024, adding to the company’s existing Iberian presence in Barcelona and Madrid.

Tailored to travellers, business professionals, students and locals alike, the Social Hub aims to provide a variety of experiences under one roof that enable the creation of a strong, purpose-driven community.

The Social Hub San Sebastián is located in the Riberas de Loyola neighbourhood, ideal for exploring the magical coastal metropolis renowned for its local culture and world-famous gastronomic traditions. The Social Hub, San Sebastian The hotel features 328 rooms, including hotel, extended stay, and student accommodations, as well as co-working areas, meeting and event spaces, a restaurant, a rooftop and a swimming pool.

It caters to diverse needs including short or extended stays, full-service accommodations for students, co-working spaces with several membership options, and facilities open to the general public.The Social Hub, San Sebastian The property also features a grab-and-go café and shop, a large community kitchen, and a fully equipped gym.

In line with its commitment to community building, the Social Hub San Sebastián offers an extensive range of community programmes and activities for guests and local residents, including educational programs, mindfulness and fitness sessions, and cultural events open to the public.The Social Hub, San Sebastian The hotel’s restaurant caters to foodies with a variety of international and local dishes, created with a focus on healthy and sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Charlie MacGregor, CEO and founder of the Social Hub, says: “After the warm welcome in Barcelona and Madrid and having built closely-knit communities there, our objective is to continue to grow and engage with our guests in the region, providing them with an unrivalled experience that is tailored to their needs.”The Social Hub, San SebastianThe Social Hub San Sebastián marks the 17th property for the brand and the company continues to expand in Iberia at a strong pace, with properties being developed in Porto (opening in autumn 2024) and Lisbon (date not yet confirmed).