Luca Del Bono, co-founder of British concierge group Quintessentially and the South Kensington Club, has launched Onda, an innovative subscription platform that lets travellers access members’ clubs, health clubs and co-working spaces around the world.

So far, Onda has a portfolio of 100 clubs across five continents, from London to Bali, and Los Angeles to Stockholm. Instead of having to apply to sign up to them individually, Onda members have access to them all, whenever they like.

They will also have access to co-working spaces, retreats, private properties, curated events such as gallery visits, yoga classes, intimate dinners and sustainability lectures.

Clubs and co-working spaces in the Onda portfolio include the the Clubhouse (Buenos Aires), East Room (Toronto) Petit Ermitage, Griffin Club and Neuehouse (Los Angeles), Spring Place and New Work Project (New York), Publico (Mexico City), House 17 (Luxembourg), Clubhouse Brera (Milan), Deskopolitain (Paris), Devonshire Club, Grace Belgravia, Chess Club, Mortimer House (pictured below), 42 Acres (London), Ulu Cliffhouse (Bali), Mello House (Perth) and Straits Clan (Singapore).

Del Bono says: “A sense of place and community is so often lost whilst travelling. Onda is the first platform of its kind to help adventurers access meaningful experiences wherever and whenever it’s most crucial for them. The platform was created for a new generation of global citizens who value freedom, purpose and connectivity over traditional hospitality and accommodation.

How do you sign up? Onda says: “Patrons are invited through a referral-only model based on their purpose-driven spirit… The ethos behind Onda is that it’s a collective of individuals who are like minded in their priorities. Patronship is by invitation only and members are vetted to ensure shared values, good intentions, authenticity, life balance and positivity.”

There is then an £80 monthly fee with a 20 per cent discount if paid annually and for members under 30. Patrons are offered six visits a year per club and three visits a year per co-working space and health club. For further visits, they can either can join a specific club or pay a visitor fee.

Onda says: “The platform cultivates a community aligned in values dedicated to the betterment of self and the world – patrons are conscious people who live passionately, explore and collaborate with communities alike worldwide.” It’s a bit pretentious but for frequent flyers on business, it could be a genuinely useful service.

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