Pelorus has launched an experiential aviation brand that will drive exciting, innovative and sustainable air travel. Olivia Palamountain reports

Pelorus, the pioneering luxury adventure travel and yachting company, is expanding its horizon with the launch of Pelorus Aviation – an “experiential aviation” brand focused on driving innovative and sustainable air travel travel for its wealthy clients.

The new aviation arm comes in response to growing client demand for multi-dimensional travel experiences that seamlessly combine journeys by air, land and sea. With a dedicated aviation team, the company aims to create even more inventive airborne adventures while prioritising sustainability.

A key focus is the development of lighter-than-air vehicles like airships and dirigibles boasting a low carbon footprint.Pelorus AviationPelorus has invested in companies such as OceanSky Cruises which is pioneering highly energy-efficient aerial cruise ships – and, from 2026, Pelorus Aviation plans to offer these expedition airship voyages for clients.

The beauty of these expeditions lie in their ability to reach the unreachable, without any impact to the wildlife and communities encountered on the way.Pelorus AviationThe company is also advising on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) adoption, as well as the eventual use of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles and seaplanes to replace helicopters for more eco-friendly air travel to yachts and remote lodges.  Pelorus Aviation While sustainability is the driving force, Pelorus Aviation clients can expect no shortage of adrenaline and adventure. Turbo-prop flying safaris in Antarctica, heli-safaris in Africa, and heli-skiing in far-flung locales are just some of the extraordinary air experiences on the horizon.Pelorus AviationPelorus aligns with leaders across aviation to drive responsible innovation, such as Neste, which allows its clients to reduce emissions through SAF. The company also offsets remaining emissions via its Climate Investment Fund supporting blue carbon, reforestation and tech-based projects worldwide.

As consumer demand for transformative travel grows, Pelorus Aviation represents a bold step in rethinking how luxury journeys intersect with aviation and its environmental impact. By investing in tomorrow’s air mobility solutions today, the company aims to stay at the vanguard of sustainable experiential travel.