Zion Canyon Hot Springs will take the form of an al fresco spa in the Utah mountains, with pools inspired by natural geothermal wonders from around the world. Olivia Palamountain reports

Zion Canyon Hot Springs by WorldSprings will bring a vast aqua-centric spa and wellness experience to  Southern Utah when it opens in the autumn of 2025.

The US$60 million destination, located just 30 minutes from Zion National Park, is nestled in the picturesque landscapes of La Verkin, a rural community framed by mountains and canyons.

Zion Canyon Hot Springs will offer guests a huge choice of al fresco pools (53 bodies of water in total) and a range of amenities designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Expect 32 natural hot spring pools, three invigorating barrel saunas, three refreshing cold plunge pools, a spacious freshwater pool and whirlpool and 16 WorldSprings pools.Zion Hot SpringsThe latter are inspired by renowned hot springs from around the world and will provide a unique and immersive experience, perfected through expertise gained from the expansion of Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.Zion Hot SpringsChristian Henny, President of Zion Canyon Hot Springs, says: “We are thrilled to announce Zion Canyon Hot Springs, opening in fall 2025, welcoming Southern Utah’s worldwide visitors and those of us who call it home. We look forward to creating what will become one of the top destinations for relaxation and overall wellness in the greater Zion area.”Zion Hot SpringsThe mineral pools in both sections will offer temperatures ranging from 90 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and the property will cater to distinct needs by offering separate areas for families and adults.

The family section will feature a recreational beer-only licence, while the adult-only area will host a full bar liquor licence, offering a comprehensive selection of beer, wine and spirits.Zion Hot SpringsGuests will be welcomed in the main building, where they can check in and browse a selection of retail products, before heading to the lower level locker rooms, reached via stairs or lift.Zion Hot SpringsPlans also include a dedicated food and beverage building that will serve as a focal point and VIP cabanas for rent, allowing guests to elevate their experience with exclusive amenities and personalised service.