Aleenta Resorts has introduced a ‘Work from Host’ package to help guests optimise their workations by balancing productivity with downtime. Jenny Southan reports

Catering to a rise in digital nomads at its properties in Thailand, Aleenta Resorts has introduced a “Work From Host” package that provides guests with a tailored concierge service that

Available at Aleenta’s boutique resorts located in Phuket, Hua Hin, and Chiang Mai, the package includes a variety of services aimed at enhancing productivity and wellbeing. It’s similar to the excellent Vakkaru Maldives’ “Work Well” initiative launched in 2020.

Aleenta guests can have daily “power” breakfasts, “brain food” menus, focus meditation sessions, and twice-daily deliveries of juices, smoothies, or herbal teas to “stimulate creativity”.

Priced at THB 7,340 (£165) per person per day, the package also features “Wake Up” and “Work Up” calls to help professionals start and stop working at a pre-determined time; ten-minute in-room reflexology breaks to combat the physical strains of typing; access to basic office supplies; use of a conference room.Aleenta Hua HinBeyond work, the package encourages exploration and relaxation through “Think Trips” to local temples and beauty spots, leisure activities such as kite surfing, and treatments at the Ayurah Wellness Centres. In Chiang Mai you can end the day with a singing bowl meditation.

Wellness retreat programmes range from “Mind Balance and Self Love” to “Endurance Sports Training” and “Detoxification”, which addresses the symptoms of burnout. Retreats are available as add-ons to the Work-From-Host package for a “holiday within a holiday”.

Globetrender is particularly interested in the “Monk Level” meditation retreat at Aleenta Retreat Chiang Mai, and the “Family Retreat” at Aleenta Phuket. (For those travelling with family, additional activities and babysitting services are available.)Aleenta Retreat Chiang MaiAleenta PhuketAnchalika Kijkanakorn, managing director at Aleenta Resorts, says: “For so many of our guests working on holiday is now part of the plan. Most of the time it’s just for an hour or two a day, but we all know how hard it is to step away from your laptop when we get caught up in things.

“We’ve developed the ‘Work From Host’ package not just to maximise the time they do spend working but also to help them compartmentalise work and play so they can make the most of our incredible destination and experiences, as well as precious time with family or friends. Our wellness programme is called Ayurah, meaning middle path, and this package has been designed to help them find this balance, between work and play.”


  • According to ONS data released in February, 2022 was a record year for company registrations in the UK with a total of 784,762 businesses registered at Companies House – almost 114,000 more than recorded annually pre-pandemic.
  • Meanwhile LinkedIn has reported that 100% remote roles received more than a fifth (22%) of job applications in February 2023.
  • In the US, McKinsey reports that more than 5 million new businesses were created in 2022 alone, and about 92 million Americans work remotely, at least part-time.