Tapping into the remote work trend, Noma Collective organises productivity holidays for groups of digital nomad families in the paradise location of Belize. Jenny Southan reports

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2030 the number of global digital jobs that can be performed remotely from anywhere is expected to rise by roughly 25 per cent to around 92 million.

Recognising this opportunity, Noma Collective now hosts “Noma Family” workations for parents who want to spend time working abroad and exploring new places with their children. “You bring your job and family; Noma Collective brings the world,” the company says.

Noma Collective is a global community that “curates a unique balance of work, play, adventure and wellness for the modern digital nomad”. So far more than 650 people have joined the Noma community since its inception in February 2021.Noma CollectiveEvery Noma Collective experience is centred around four key elements: work, community, wellness and adventure. Each experience is called a “Noma Edition”, which encompasses a unique version of community experience, cultural immersion, professional development, and personal growth. They pop up in locations such as Antigua, Buenos Aires, Lisbon and Kenya, and last for just over four weeks.

Each option offers a fully equipped digital nomad experience with wifi, growth workshops, co-working spaces, and an ever-growing network of remote workers. When community members are off the clock, Noma hosts enriching guest workshops, themed community dinners and events to help the community connect.

Noma Collective also curates wellness and adventure programs to complement guests’ downtime at each location, complete with weekly exercise classes, yoga, social activities, and a rotating schedule of weekend excursions and trips.Noma CollectiveMeanwhile, Noma Family ensures that “each family member’s need is met during office hours and every special moment can be shared with partners and children in downtime”.

Noma Collective invites families to experience three “life affirming” weeks in Belize, staying at the Umaya Resort. Remote working parents have the flexibility needed to stay connected on their own terms thanks to a daily kids’ club created by qualified Montessori teachers. Children are offered a wide range of activities, whilst immersed in nature, sparking their creativity.

There’s also delicious, nutritious food, excursions, adventures, and sports or just beach time to unwind together as a family.Noma CollectiveNoma Collective takes care of every logistical concern, by sourcing and delivering a beautiful location, fully equipped to meet a digitally nomadic families’ daily requirements, all under one simple price point. (A 21-night Noma Family trip to Belize costs from £4,478 per person.)

Noma Collective founding director, Daniel Thompson, says: “The family unit is such an important part of this incredible growing global community. We ensure that every location is expertly set up to cater to the business and lifestyle needs of families, so that no family member has to compromise.

“The success of the business is built on so much more than just providing accommodation and reliable wifi in beautiful locations, it’s the logistics, careful planning, social events and sense of community that make us truly unique.”