Japan’s Nissin Foods has created caffeinated instant meals for gamers who are too busy to cook. Could they appeal to jet-lagged hotel guests too? Jenny Southan reports

Weary travellers are often rummaging in minibars to find a can of Red Bull to wake them up but how about a pot of caffeinated noodles? All you need to do is boil a kettle.

Setting the trend for creating the first functional, caffeinated meal, Japanese culinary giant Nissin Foods has responded to demand for quick, mess-free fodder that enhances performance.Nissin Foods Gaming Cup NoodleIts two new products are: the “Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle Energy Garlic & Black Pepper Yakisoba” and the “Nissin Gaming Curry Rice Energy Ginger Keema Curry”.

For those seeking a punch of flavour, the Yakisoba offers a soy sauce-based sauce, robustly seasoned with pepper, garlic and black pepper. Other ingredients are “mystery meat” (flavoured pork mince), shrimp, egg and cabbage.

On the other hand, the Keema Curry provides a fragrant and spicy roux, a concoction of onions, tomatoes, soy meat, and a robust hint of ginger.Nissin Foods Gaming Cup NoodleThe unique selling point? Both these dishes are soup-less, ensuring that hardcore gaming sessions remain uninterrupted, and equipment stays spotless. (And your hotel bed?)

Moreover, they’re not just any regular meal; they come loaded with caffeine, arginine and niacin to keep people energised and focused.

The number of gamers in Japan, mainly among the younger population, is increasing every year and is said to have exceeded 50 million.

According to a report from Newzoo, there are 3.4 billion players globally, and the market is expected to generate US$187.7 billion in 2023. As of 2022, Japan’s gaming market was the third largest in the world, with an estimated 73.3 million players.