Conceived by Italy’s Lazzarini Design Studio, the Pearlsuite is a motorised hotel suite that can be used as an add-on to beach clubs or even create floating resorts. Jenny Southan reports

Designed for Jet Capsule, which specialises in futuristic eco vessels, the Pearlsuite certainly looks innovative but it’s actually very similar to Athénea, a floating, solar-powered hotel pod that Globetrender reported on in 2020. How does this new concept compare?

For a start, it’s smaller. The Anthénea measures 55 sqm and features an open-plan living room, bedroom and bathroom, while the Pearlsuite has an internal area of 22 sqm plus 1 metre of surrounding walkable external deck. (It is 7 metres in the diameter.)

Both claim to have zero-impact on the environment. The Anthénea (pictured below) has five solar panels on the roof and two electric propulsion pods, as well as a water-processing system that means it only produces what it consumes and releases clean water.Anthenea floating eco hotel suiteThe Pearlsuite is also 100 per cent powered by the sun and is capable of producing all the energy needed for air conditioning, lighting, fridge and other appliances. (Here is a picture of it on a frozen lake, which shows it is not just designed for sunny locations.) Pearlsuite

The vessel can also be equipped with an electric engine, allowing the units to self-position themselves or cruise around the coast at up to 5 knots, with the aid of an advanced GPS positioning system and autopilot features. (The Anthénea, meanwhile, can travel at up to 27 knots.)PearlsuiteLazzarini Design Studio says: “Depending the waters of placing, the suites can be optionally equipped with gyroscope stabilizer system or A fuel cell hydrogen generator can be mounted in order to produce energy onboard, ensuring energy available even in the case of several days with low solar irradiation, for example during rainy days. The available storage in the hull can offer the possibility to locate additional power sources and systems.”PearlsuiteAvailable to individuals and hoteliers alike, the Anthénea pod costs US$535,000 and can be piloted by anybody (it requires no navigational knowledge or experience to operate). For resorts that want to use it as an add-on to their existing portfolio of rooms, units can also be anchored to the sea bed without damaging the underwater ecosystem.

Lazzarini Design Studio says the Pearlsuite intended for hospitality sector, allowing beach resorts to expand their number of rooms “in matter of weeks” and with “zero carbon footprint, zero infrastructure, zero land occupied and at a very low implementation cost”. PearlsuiteRanging from US$50,000 to US$300,000, the Pearlsuite can be delivered as a simple lounge-only floating suite that’s ideal for beach clubs, for example, to a top-spec flagship version complete with a fridge, TV and double bed.Pearlsuite PearlsuiteLazzarini says the product intends to create a “brand-new niche in the hospitality market”. If anchored, multiple suites can combine to create an entire floating resort, complete with restaurant pods. No information has been shared yet on when the Pearlsuite might be coming to market but the Anthénea is due to arrive this year.

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