The Anthénea is a floating, solar-powered hotel suite equipped with electric motors and the ability to adapt to any environment, from Arctic to tropical. Jenny Southan reports

Designed by French veteran designers, engineers, and naval architects, the Anthénea pod is a futuristic-looking, domed vessel that is entirely powered by the sun and adaptable to any waterbody, and any climate – in fact, it claims to be “unsinkable”.

An attempt to create an “eco-responsible and nomadic vessel for eco tourists”, the Anthénea floating hotel suite is autonomous, self-sufficient, and ecological. Among other innovations it has a water-processing system that means it only produces what it consumes and releases clean water, for example.Anthenea floating eco hotel suiteThe Anthénea features silent electric motors allowing those on board to travel across the sea and can stay afloat indefinitely thanks to five south-facing solar panels and two electric propulsion pods, allowing it to navigate unchartered locations.  Anthenea floating eco hotel suite Its domed shape is designed to follow the sun’s rays (on the roof is an adjustable sun shade), while its central well serves as an underwater observatory and natural air conditioning system.Anthenea floating eco hotel suiteInside, the 50 sqm capsule features three living zones – the “day space” has a sofa, minibar, curved furniture covered with waxed concrete. Meanwhile, the “night space” is composed of a 2.20-metre circular bed and a sea or freshwater bathtub.Anthenea floating eco hotel suiteThe “relaxation area” has a 360-degree solarium on its rooftop for 12 people. All interiors are entirely made from sustainable materials. Optional features include a desalination system and wood burning stove.Anthenea floating eco hotel suiteAvailable to individuals and hoteliers alike, the Anthénea pod costs US$535,000 and can be piloted by anybody (it requires no navigational knowledge or experience to operate).Anthenea floating eco hotel suiteIt can also adapt to a wide temperature range, from -30°C to 40°C. What’s more, seasickness will be a thing of the past thanks to its “stabilising ballasting and 360-degree panoramic vision on the horizon”.

The company says: “Offering a new form of tourist experience between underwater vision and land exploration, Anthénea allows the traveller to discover unsuspected territories and live unexplored experiences while unfolding the thread of the intimate: the link with nature and with oneself.”Anthenea floating eco hotel suiteIt also says that for hoteliers that are interested in investing in it (possibly as an add-on to an existing resort), no building permits or time-consuming construction is required so Anthénea pods are an easy way to expand.Anthenea floating eco hotel suiteThe company says that thanks to Anthénea’s innovative “sand screw anchoring”, the pod doesn’t damange the underwater ecosystem. Units are also 100 per cent recyclable.

The Anthénea is more environmentally friendly alternative to building hotels on land, and points to a future when humans will spend more living on water as a consequence of rising sea levels and flooded cities.Anthenea floating eco hotel suite

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