Opened in December, Room2 Chiswick says it uses 89 per cent less energy per sqm than typical UK hotels and ‘fully accounts’ for its entire carbon footprint. Jenny Southan reports

Describing itself the “whole life net zero” property, Room2 Chiswick in West London is working hard to be perceived as an environmentally conscious choice for travellers. But is it just “greenwashing”? On the face of it, its efforts are commendable…

According to a statement to the media, “being ‘whole life net zero’ means both embodied and operational carbon has, and will be, rebalanced throughout the entire hometel’s lifecycle”.

All emissions associated with the property’s production and construction, materials used, operations, maintenance, refurbishment, and including the eventual clearance of the building will equal zero.

Room2 has also signed the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism and says it is committed to accelerating climate action to cut global tourism emissions.Room2 ChiswickThe hotel has integrated leading hardware and software technology from around the world to achieve “pioneering energy efficiencies”, with some developed in-house.

Renewable energy is maximised on site with solar and ground source heat pumps that convert 100 per cent of the energy needed for heating, cooling and hot water. Two lab rooms collect data on water and energy use, along with air quality, and learn from guest habits to refine and improve future efficiencies.

Ultra-low flow pressure showers use less water with aerated water fixtures and ultra-energy efficient lighting and appliances are combined with occupancy sensors across the building.Room2 ChiswickA “blue roof” reduces localised flooding by slowly discharging up to 50,000 litres of rainwater, and a “green roof” features 200 tonnes of soil and wildflowers, planted to increase biodiversity and absorb CO2, along with beehives and bug hotels.

Inside the hotel are reclaimed terracotta floors and carpets made from plastic fishing nets collected from the ocean. Each of the 86 rooms (costing from £129 per night) have been “carefully crafted in collaboration with local artisans”.

Bespoke furniture was manufactured within ten miles of the property and made with Forest Stewardship Council timber. Fabrics and materials were selected to promote reuse and a circular economy beyond the current useful life. 4,462 trees were also planted to offset the carbon of other furniture used.Room2 ChiswickRoom2 Chiswick also has a zero-waste policy and is the first UK hotel to introduce food waste into its in-room recycling bins.

Designed for both short and long stays, the “hometel” features fully equipped kitchenettes, a mattress menu and the option of a full 24-hour stay with both check-in and check-out at 2pm. There is also a laundry room, a gym with Peloton equipment, and an independently run café/bar by night specialising in locally sourced organic food, coffee and wine.

What’s coming next? Trend reports available to download HERE